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#XWingMinis – Vader’s TIE (Advanced) Repaint

Decided to do something different with this TIE advanced, giving it the classic Red-Black of Vader's armour. Much like experimenting with the Lambda, I'm not so sure I'm happy with how this turned out

#XWingMinis – Lambda Repaint (Round 2)

After finishing the Firespray-31 I found myself wanting to update the Doomshuttle to match. I did a bit of orange into the panel highlighting, as well as a similar cockpit to

#InfinityTheGame – Mei Lin Mayfair (Spec Ops)

Enough X-Wing for a moment, time to mix things up with an Infinity post! I picked up Mei Lin Mayfair from Statuesqueminiatures years ago and finally found a place for her as the

#XWingMinis – Firespray-31 Repaint

As recent posts clearly reveal, I'm all-in on the X-Wing these past few weeks, playing on Vassal & getting things painted. This ship has been in the works on and off for the better part

#XWingMinis – Lambda Repaint (a.k.a. “The Red Space Whale”)

Being relatively new to the system, I decided to pick up one of the hardest ships to fly because that's a good idea, right? The almost finished ship had a few outings last

#SuperDungeonExplore – Von Wilding/Wilder

Considering that Von Belmont Wilding was my favourite mini to come out of the Von Drakk Manor set it's quite ironic he's literally the last SDE hero I had to paint (psst...

#InfinityTheGame – HMG Swiss Guard

It's been a while since I posted any Infinity minis, but I've finally finished something worthy of posting. The impending release of Operation Icestorm and N3 has kicked me back into gear

#SuperDungeonExplore – Roxor & Crew

Hey all, long time no post! Hobby love has been few and far between these days, time for blogging less so. That said, I have been getting back on the painting train the past