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#InfinityTheGame – Konstantinos! #MiniatureMonday

Another quick update! I picked up the Dire Foes Mission Pack 4: Flee or Die! a few weeks ago and painted him up for the tournament at Black Knight Games on April

#SuperDungeonExplore – Herald of Vulcanis! #MiniatureMonday

Quick post for #miniatureMonday! I finished the Herald of Vulcanis a few weeks ago but have neglected to get a shot of him on the blog. This is one of those miniatures that

#InfinityTheGame – Knight Hospitaller and Magister Knights #MiniatureMonday

Finished up a few Military Orders minis I've been working on. First, the Knight Hospataller for a decent Pan Oceania doctor option and new lieutenant choice. Second, a heavy weapon option to compliment my

#InfinityTheGame – Enter the Jotum!

I finished the Jotum a few weeks ago but have been procrastinating in getting the pics up onto the blog. The tank of PanO that's almost impervious to small arms fire, you'll love or

@InfinityTheGame – Mech Deploy Time! Peacemaker Armbot / Knight of Montessa

Before my trip down to Miniwargaming I wanted to make sure I had some interesting options for scenario play. I wasn't initially sold on Mechanized Deployment but after some thinking about table

@InfinityTheGame – Aquila Guard

Another Infinity update! Posts are a little scarce recently, I've fallen into the trap of half-finishing projects and not getting things done. The impending Infinity Tournament at X Planet has been a great

@InfinityTheGame – Dragoes Step-by-Step

Dragoes is finally finished! I've been working on him for a few months but summer always seemed to get in the way of hobbying. Now that fall has arrived I decided to get to

#InfinityTheGame – Nisse Sniper

Nisse-PreviewI finished the Nisse sniper awhile ago, in fact, she was the inspiration for me changing up my cloak colour scheme. There was something not quite right about some of the