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#InfinityTheGame – Tournament Report – X Planet 2013-01-01

I really wanted to use a TAG and, with my current painted models, limited me to playing Vanilla. Since ITS allows for two army lists I made one that was objective focused and one

@InfinityTheGame Tournament Report – @bkgames 2013-08-24

Played in a tournament about a month ago at one of our local shops, Black Knight Games. Didn't get around to posting the battle reports right away but

#InfinityTheGame – Paradiso: Chapter 1

Chapter1PreviewNow that summer's here a small group of local Infinity players decided to do a full playthrough of the Paradiso campaign. Although I've been focusing mostly on delivering the models

#InfinityTheGame – Paradiso 103 – “Central Seizure”

Infinity-Paradiso-103-PreviewThe Paradiso missions continue! This time we tried playing Mission 103, Central Seizure. The goal was to deactivate the security system via two consoles on each side of the table, then

#InfinityTheGame Battle Report – Paradiso 101

MOvsMorats-Mission101-PreviewAfter having some success against the Nomads and their sneaky hacking tactics, sjmheron decided to go for a more direct approach with his Combined. Since we haven't organized enough

@InfinityTheGame BatRep – MO vs. Nomads – Mission 101!

MovsNomadsPreviewI finally got out of the house for my first gaming session in over a month and things had changed down at the LGS. Taking a break from the

#Warmachine – Winter War! – Jan 19th, Mississauga

Just a quick bulletin, the guys over at the Syndicate of Gaming are running a FREE (with food donation!) large Warmachine tournament early in the new year. It's taking

#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zorog Tournament Report: X Planet 08/07/2012

Once every 6 months or so I have the pleasure of attending a Monsterpocalypse event hosted by our local Moncon Champion Wapcaplets. This particular event was run