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Stripping #XWingMiniatures with Simple Green

I normally prime/paint directly which results in a minimal loss of detail, but once in awhile I'll have a mini that needs the simple green treatment. For this walkthrough I overprimed a TIE fighter,

@InfinityTheGame – Dragoes Step-by-Step

Dragoes is finally finished! I've been working on him for a few months but summer always seemed to get in the way of hobbying. Now that fall has arrived I decided to get to

#Theory – Analogous Flesh Tutorial

In today's post Mikey C puts the theory from last week's post to good use, focusing specifically on the flesh of Wyrd Miniature's Johan - Renegade Steamfitter.

#Theory – Analogous Shading

Today we have a guest post by none other than our local Blindwater toting paint guru Mikey C. If there's one thing Mike knows, it's colour theory.

Choosing a Colour Scheme 101

Coming up with a scheme for a new army isn't always the easiest thing in the world. Choosing the colours for your force will affect hours of painting and

#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Quantum Zorog

My favourite Monsterpocalypse faction has always been the Planet Eaters. I didn't realize my first custom job would become an abusive relationship where I was beaten over and over

Gunnbjorn: Painting Tutorial

Step one: Prep and Prime If you're going to take the time to paint your model make sure you clean the flash and mold lines off first. Washing the model may be advised, but I usually skip this. I can't stress

How-to: The Hairspray Technique for Rust & Battle Damage

While looking through some Firestorm Armada painting videos on youtube I stumbled upon what is referred to as the “Hairspray Technique” for realistic battle damage by the user ScaleModelMedic. I can’t help but feel this would go a long way