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Introducing the GK Partner Project!

I'm ecstatic, the custom GK Dice have arrived and the next stage of the plan can be put into action. Plan you ask? Why of course! You didn't think I was

Digital Distribution – Wargaming’s Future?

Now before we get into this discussion I have to throw up a bit of a disclaimer: There is going to be talk of pirated content in this post. I do

Conversion Central – HiTech Miniatures!

Today is dedicated to highlighting something I came across during my online travels - HiTech Miniatures. They've been around since 2010 and some of the minis they produce are

Modeling & Painting Best of 2009-2011

Being the first of "Best Of" posts I'm going to go back a bit, way into 2009 when the blog was in it's infancy. I've collected a few of my favourite models from the past two years, re-photographed them with

Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – Complete!

Since you've seen them in all stages of progress this last post isn't going to come as much of a surprise! I finally got some pics together of my finished Deathwing Command Squad (you can see them in progress in

Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – WIP 2

The command squad is coming along nicely. Since I posted up Part 1 I've been making some slow and steady progress, really taking my time to make sure the Command Squad comes out looking top notch compared to the

Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – WIP 1

After spending my Saturday at Conquest Toronto I was eager to come home and put some work into the Ravens of Retribution, starting with a command squad that has been a WIP project for as long as I can

March Mini Madness – #40k & #Warmahordes

I haven't posted too much in the past week and it's mostly due to my Wargaming life being all over the place. With the fast-grow league at X Planet in full swing as well as a few tournaments kicking around