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Ravens of Retribution – Deathwing Cyclone Squad #40k

After finishing second overall in the most recent #40k league (and losing out to a giant mob of Kevin’s Orks) I was inspired to get a little bit of 40k painting in before getting back to my regularly scheduled antics.

#40k Deathwing Errata – What it means for the Ravens

If you’re reading this you’re probably already familiar with the only Warhammer 40k army I play using the Deathwing Rules – the Ravens of Retribution. With the release of the new Errata for the Deathwing/Black Templars rules to get them

#Deathwing Assault Inbound – 2011 #40k League Part 1

Although I spend way more time discussing Warmachine/Hordes than I do Games Workshop games, I will always admit that there are pros and cons to each system and I find the key to keeping things fresh is to

Pros and Cons: Why Play Warhammer 40K?

Everyone has their favourite miniature games and each of them has something a little different to bring to the table (pun intended). In the series known as Pros and Cons the games will be broken down into what I feel

Da Boyz GT – It's Kind of a Big Deal

Last Saturday I got up bright and early at 6am, packed myself into lolm4rx’s car, and went down to Rochester for Da Boyz GT 2010. We didn’t have much trouble crossing the border (except when the guard raise his eyebrow

Crystal Brush Painting Competition – Now with $10k for 1st Place

Earlier in the week I found out about the Crystal Brush Painting Competition put on by the painting website CoolMiniOrNot. Not only do they have a totally badass trophy (pictured below) but there's also a first place prize

1500pt 40k Tournament Report – X Planet Games June 19th, 2010

After some goading I reluctantly agreed to go throw down at X Planet this past weekend to play some wh40k! It was their first 40k tournament so I elected to bring my Ravens of Retribution along, I figure since

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard and Thunderhawk Gunship

I swung by the Games Workshop this weekend and stumbled across the new Blood Angels sculpts! The Sanguinary Guard just look totally amazing and I’m even considering maybe breaking from my Deathwing army to pick up an assault squad –