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#Warmachine – Winter War! – Jan 19th, Mississauga

Just a quick bulletin, the guys over at the Syndicate of Gaming are running a FREE (with food donation!) large Warmachine tournament early in the new year. It's taking

#Warmachine – Amazing Base Showcase

Ever since I saw the Eiryss that won the Lock N' Load Grandmaster I've been considering ways to really step up my basing game. A thread popped up

#Warmachine – Alexia Ciannor

With all of this Lock and Load coverage and the horrible sickness that had me at homebound last weekend, I finally got myself putting some paint on one of my

#LockAndLoad Spotlight: Formula P3 Grandmaster

There has been a ton of Warmachine news coming down the pipe from Lock and Load over the past weekend, from Mountain Kings to Colossals, but I want

#Warmachine – Defending Deathclock

Recently an article titled "Death to the Deathclock" was posted up at Muse on Minis by a PG I've known for a long time, Paradox. While some of

#Warmachine – ALERT: Circle Army Stolen!

Bad news everyone! Earlier this week fellow blogger and wargamer glamage had his Circle Orboros army stolen from his apartment. In the name of spreading the message far and

#Warmachine – The Ultimate Guard Dog: Rocinante!

It's taken awhile but yes, I've finally put some paint on that Rocinante I put together back in January. I've used him in a few games so far and

Theory – Leveraging the Chance Factor

Ever since PPS_DC's Privateer Insider posts on skill, luck, and social interaction I've been thinking about how these elements factor into not just Warmachine, but all of