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#Warmachine – Battle Report – Damiano vs. pCaine @ 35pts

The playing of Damiano continues! I'm fighting for the top spot in my division tonight rounding out the first half of X Planet's Hordesmachine Big League. I'm sticking

#Warmachine – Colossal Roundup Part 1

Ever since the first two Colossals dropped I've been eagerly awaiting to see what the creative minds at Privateer Press put together when they put these massive models on

#Warmachine – [Fake] Leaked Mercenaries Battle Engine Concept Art

Late yesterday evening a source leaked that the mercenaries are actually getting their own Battle Engine! While I was only able to secure a picture of it with Japanese writing from

#Warmachine Tactics – Learning Damiano

This week I jumped back into Warmachine by signing up for one of X Planet's biannual Warmachine big leagues, two months of gaming plus a special one

@GameOfThrones Wedding Cake Topper!

I've been alluding for ages to the secret project I had been working on, and I'm happy to say it's finally finished! VMak and I wanted to do something special for

Introducing the GK Partner Project!

I'm ecstatic, the custom GK Dice have arrived and the next stage of the plan can be put into action. Plan you ask? Why of course! You didn't think I was

#Warmachine – Tilting at Windmills

I know, I know. I'm totally behind the curve on this one. He's been sitting in my case far too long waiting for his big bad buddy, but I've finally

#Warmachine – Galleon Wild Speculation Time!

Alright crew, lets talk Colossals. Not these lame faction contraptions made with the finest parts by the best mechanics, no! I'm talking about Colossals with personality. REAL personality. The kind that