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Introducing the GK Partner Project!

I'm ecstatic, the custom GK Dice have arrived and the next stage of the plan can be put into action. Plan you ask? Why of course! You didn't think I was

#FirestormArmada – Dread Rising

I know this is a little late as these models were released at the end of November, but they turned out so great I had no choice! When they were

Modeling & Painting Best of 2009-2011

Being the first of "Best Of" posts I'm going to go back a bit, way into 2009 when the blog was in it's infancy. I've collected a few of my favourite models from the past two years, re-photographed them with

#FirestormArmada – Combat Gallery (vs. @wapcaplets)

While looking through some of the previous files on my camera I came across pictures taken for a Firestorm Amrada battle report that has been long lost in the annals of wargaming history. I do believe this was shortly

#FirestormArmada – Dreadnought Roundup (2 of 2)

It's been awhile since my first Dreadnought Roundup waiting on the drafts to hit the Spartan Games Blog. The renders of the three remaining ships have finally been released and they're looking phenomenal as always.

#FirestormArmada – Vassal Armada

I haven't hit up the Spartan Games Forums in awhile, and as such was pleasantly surprised when I saw a forum signature pointing to the Vassal Armada Blog. I had talked about getting involved with setting up a

#FirestormArmada – Dreadnought Roundup (1 of 2)

I always appreciate when Spartan Games has been kind enough to drop previews of upcoming models on their blog. In the past few weeks there has been three Firestorm Armada posts that have really caught my attention, all of

Firestorm Armada Stat Viewer for Android

In the name of making gaming easier by reducing clutter, I’ve put together an Android application to streamline the process. It is based on Firestorm Armada and performs the task of remembering the stats so you don’t have to. By