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#Monterpocalypse – Custom Voltron!

voltronPreviewA few months ago I was contacted to do a commission for some monpoc figures. Part 1 was some units painted up as the Ubercorp Syndicate, Ubercorp units done

Replacing Badab Black with #ArmyPainter Dark Tone

darkToneWell it's 2013, another year of blogging must begin! My holiday break was thankfully low key giving me some time to work on a few outstanding hobby projects. Frustrated with the

#Monsterpocalypse – Christmas Morning Edition – Introducing the Ubersun Syndicate!

ubersun-previewA few weeks ago I was contacted to put together a commission piece specifically for an awesome guy named Israel. The mission? Convert a number of Ubercorp units to match

#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zor-Magna & Rakadon

Recently I was contacted to do another commission of Monsterpocalypse Quantums, this time a duo of Zor-Magna and Quantum Rakadon! I'll freely admit that without much natural late post-work these

#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Rakadon

After posting some of my custom Planet Eaters over at Teamcovenant I was asked about doing a commission, this time of a Terrasaur variety. Not being one to turn

#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Job: Xaxor

After finishing custom Gorghadra (and subsequently getting stomped by my @v_mak, I may add) I decided to finish up the last Planet Eaters Ultra form:

#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Job: Gorghadra

Monpoc has piqued my interest over the past few weeks, and I've finally got around to putting some paint on this big ol' pedestrian, Gorghadra. What you may not

#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zorog Tournament Report: X Planet 08/07/2012

Once every 6 months or so I have the pleasure of attending a Monsterpocalypse event hosted by our local Moncon Champion Wapcaplets. This particular event was run