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#Monsterpocalypse – Moncon Single Monster Finals (by @wapcaplets)

When the dust settled at Moncon this year one of our GTA locals was left standing above the rest. The highest of props must be extended to wapcaplets

Introducing the GK Partner Project!

I'm ecstatic, the custom GK Dice have arrived and the next stage of the plan can be put into action. Plan you ask? Why of course! You didn't think I was

Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 5 – The End

I"ve done it! A whole month of blogging about Monsterpocalypse. In this last and final iteration of the Mastering Monpoc series I'm going over risk, what I've learned, and my

Mastering #Monsterpocalyse – Week 4 – The Enemy

I'm in the home stretch! Now that I've (hopefully...) got a handle on how to use my own forces, it's time for a bit of focus on all the nasty things

Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 3 – Tactics

Time for week 3 of my Mastering Monsterpocalypse posts! By this point I've played quite a few times and am really getting a handle on how a game flows from

Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 2 – Strategy

Welcome to the second installment of the Mastering Monsterpocalypse series, in which I take that force created in Week 1 and figure out how the game will progress from

Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 1: The Basics

If you're at all familiar with teamcovenant's 31 Days to Mastering Monpoc you know I've got myself waist deep in a month of monster mayhem. It's definitely a worthwhile

#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Quantum Zorog

My favourite Monsterpocalypse faction has always been the Planet Eaters. I didn't realize my first custom job would become an abusive relationship where I was beaten over and over