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#XWingMinis – Wave 6 Manoeuvre List

After last week's games of X-Wing I'm finally ready to go all in with the game. One of our locals, Josh D, posted this supremely helpful manoeuvre list for all the wave 5

Pros and Cons: Why Play @InfinityTheGame?

Since I'm demoing Infinity at X Planet for the next few weeks, I decided to dredge up a blast from the past, the Pros and Cons series. I really do like Infinity

@InfinityTheGame – Military Orders Army List Revisited, Revisited!

Although having less than 10 models on the table may seem like a easy recipe for building an army I've found it much more complicated than anticipated! The inclusion of

#SuperDungeonExplore – My New Jam!

Since I it was first announced I was completely stoked to get a copy of Soda Pop Miniature's first foray into the market, Super Dungeon Explore. It took

@InfinityTheGame – Revisitng the Army List

If you've spent any time looking at the Infinity forums you've heard that on the tabletop the list is secondary to your tactics. It is still important however to

#Warmachine – Defending Deathclock

Recently an article titled "Death to the Deathclock" was posted up at Muse on Minis by a PG I've known for a long time, Paradox. While some of

#Theory – Analogous Flesh Tutorial

In today's post Mikey C puts the theory from last week's post to good use, focusing specifically on the flesh of Wyrd Miniature's Johan - Renegade Steamfitter.

#Theory – Analogous Shading

Today we have a guest post by none other than our local Blindwater toting paint guru Mikey C. If there's one thing Mike knows, it's colour theory.