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#MTG – Jarad EDH

For quite some time I worked with a Karador Reanimate deck which, over time, became a little boring to play. Unlike the everpresent madness inherent with Nekusar, I found play style wasn't

2013 Wargames Audit

2014 has started very slow for things related to hobby. Three weeks into the new year the closest thing I've come to working on anything is cleaning unfinished minis off my desk. Recently,

#MTG – Karador #Commander and Bestow

One of the goals in the Karador EDH is to have as many creatures as possible, and as such, enchant creature cards are frequently missed when assembling it. If they get stuck in the

#MTG – Nekusar EDH

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering my favourite format is Commander (the format previously known as EDH). I'v posted in the past about my experience building a Karador Recycle Deck, but

#MTG – Reduce/Reuse/Recycle – Building Karador EDH

karador-PreviewLately I've been putting some of my gaming time and effort towards fitting in some Magic the Gathering. While mainstream serious play isn't really my thing, EDH with friends over

#MtG – Ratswarm? (ft. @s_cubed)

Magic the Gathering is one of those games I play casually. While the appeal of playing with friends who don't have the time/effort to commit to Wargaming is enough to

Theory – Leveraging the Chance Factor

Ever since PPS_DC's Privateer Insider posts on skill, luck, and social interaction I've been thinking about how these elements factor into not just Warmachine, but all of

Mixing it up – Finding Time for Multiple Games

Lets be honest, I have a ton of gaming interests, too many in fact! Outside Wargaming, they span from cardboard wizardry to loyally supporting the world's favourite Australian weapons retailer,