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#InfinityTheGame – @miniwargaming BatRep – Shock Army vs Military Orders: Round 2

Tidying up some old posts here. Two(!) years ago around this time I went down to MWG to get a few games in. I don't remember the details of the game but

#XWingMinis – Getting some Games In!

Had a chance to get out and get gaming last week, electing to break out the largely neglected X-Wing force. After doing a bit of painting on the Lambda Shuttle I decided to

#InfinityTheGame – @miniwargaming BatRep – Shock Army vs Military Orders: Round 1

Exciting news! Miniwargaming has just posted a full Infinity battle report of my Military Orders vs. Matt's Shock Army. I was trying something new and using my Mechanized Deploy troops to get

@InfinityTheGame Tournament Report – @bkgames 2013-08-24

Played in a tournament about a month ago at one of our local shops, Black Knight Games. Didn't get around to posting the battle reports right away but

#InfinityTheGame – Paradiso 103 – “Central Seizure”

Infinity-Paradiso-103-PreviewThe Paradiso missions continue! This time we tried playing Mission 103, Central Seizure. The goal was to deactivate the security system via two consoles on each side of the table, then

#SuperDungeonExplore – The Battle for Starfire’s Lair!

SDE-Batrep-PREVIEWA few weeks ago I got together with some of my (non-mini) gamer friends to try a round of SDE. I always go on about how the game is a great

#InfinityTheGame Battle Report – Paradiso 101

MOvsMorats-Mission101-PreviewAfter having some success against the Nomads and their sneaky hacking tactics, sjmheron decided to go for a more direct approach with his Combined. Since we haven't organized enough

@InfinityTheGame BatRep – MO vs. Aleph – Mission 101

chaseTemplateOver the holidays I found time to play Infinity against greatest nemesis, Chase. Our rivalry stems way back to playing 40k over a decade ago when he daemons used to