#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zor-Magna & Rakadon

Recently I was contacted to do another commission of Monsterpocalypse Quantums, this time a duo of Zor-Magna and Quantum Rakadon! I’ll freely admit that without much natural light late post-work these days the pictures don’t look as good but I hope you get the jist!

Quantum Rakadon

I did this Quantum Rak very similar to the previous commission as I really like how the scheme came together and mirrored the actual miniature. This guy is very close to the last one I painted so I don’t have much to say, but if you want to read about how I did the base I recommend checking out the link here.

Custom Quantum Rakadon Commission

Custom Quantum Rakadon

Quantum Zor-Magna

Quantum Zor Magna was fun to paint, I wanted to mirror the metal blades from the stock miniature but decided to bring the metals a bit further. The addition of a little dwarf bronze helps break the metals up and really highlights the different parts of the mini. Take note that this was a 95% WIP shot and in the meantime I’ve repainted the base to cover up some of my working mess!

Custom Quantum Zor-Magna

Custom Quantum Zor-Magna

For my next commission project I’ve picked up a Legion of Everblight Extreme Carnivean that has been slated for a conversion into the character beast Proteus. This is going to take quite awhile to complete as the Privateer Press extremes are big, scary, and insanely detailed. I’ll try to grab some WIP shots while I’m at it!