@InfinityTheGame – BatRep – MO vs. Morats at 250pts (Round 2!)

While some people were busy with politics a few Tuesdays ago, sjmheron and I were getting in another few games of Infinity on our road to learning the system. I haven’t beat Sam’s Morats yet and since I’m a glutton for punishment I keep coming back for more.

Military Orders


Morat Aggression Force

The Battle!

I rolled a respectable 11 on my WP12 roll, but was beaten out by a 12 from the Morat side of the table. Gah, so close! Sam elected to take first turn, and I decided to make him setup first so I could counter his deployment. The Morat link team deployed on the left side of the table with some support from the MSV2 troops. The total reaction bot set up on the right side with a good line down the middle of the board for some defensive fire.

My setup put my linked team centralized with a Teutonic Knight on each flank, and the bulleteer on the far right side. The TO Camo sniper deployed opposite the linked team to put them on the defensive immediately.

Military Orders vs Morat Aggression Force Battle Report 250pts Nov 6th 2012

We threw a Landing Pad in for good Measure

Turn 1 saw the link team under immediate fire from my TO sniper, causing them to throw smoke all over the place. The Q-Drone gained some LOS from super long range and took down a member of my linked team right off the bat. I considered dropping an ARO shot back, but even with the +3 and extra burst from the team he was still at a huge negative to hit with mimetism, the ranged modifier, and the cover.

Military Orders vs Morat Aggression Force Battle Report 250pts Nov 6th 2012 Turn 1

Clouds of Smoke quickly fill the Battlefield

Seeing an opportunity I hadn’t used before, I decided to try Anti-Hacker Protocols to blow out the brains of the opposing hacker. My Bulleteer skittered (that’s what they do, right?) into position and survived the shutdown ARO. Using the repeater I won of the face to face roll and BAM, the Morat’s brains squirted out his ears.

Military Orders vs Morat Aggression Force Battle Report 250pts Nov 6th 2012 Turn 2

In your base, Hacking your Brains!

Unfortunately though, things weren’t going very well on my left flank. While the Teutonic Knight and the TO Sniper had taken quite a few shots at the Morat Linked team I was unable to deal any significant damage. While Teutonic Knight did manage to take down the MSV2 trooper, the rest of the team advanced and took my troops out.

Military Orders vs Morat Aggression Force Battle Report 250pts Nov 6th 2012 Turn 3

Well that’s not good…

Not having many options left against his Linked Team, I brought my order Sgts to bear against them. With a tight area for combat and the Morat’s chain rifles I elected to spread out to maximize the amount of AROs I would get in response. Unfortunately though, I forgot they had a Ryzat drop troop! He came on the board and blast my team to oblivion from behind. Good game!


Damn, I need templates bad. I don’t really have any way to approach that linked team without getting my ass handed to me by their smoke or template weapons. I’ve recently picked up a box of Auxilia for use as Specialist Sgts. with attached Auxbots. But first, to paint them!

  • Looks cool. Are those buildings mdf?

    • Jme

      Yeah, they are! Once you pop the doors open they are very functional for gameplay too. X Planet has a bunch of them. Speaking of which, what other terrain are they using for the current league Sam?

  • I love this series! I hope it never ends. 🙂

    • Jme

      Yeah, we’ll see. I’ve been building furiously over the past few days!

  • Chase

    Looks like Sarissa or Warmill terrain. Both awesome MDF burning companies.

  • Gregg Speers

    I know that I have seen those crate models from somewhere. They are really cool for Infinity. Any idea who makes them?