@InfinityTheGame – Playing T.A.G. – #PanOceania Cutter

I’ve been posting little tidbits to the Facebook page for the past few weeks as I progressed, and I’ve finally put the finishing touches on Pan Oceania’s favourite crutch, the Cutter! I wasn’t going to pick this guy up as he doesn’t fit into the Military Orders army I’d originally constructed, but when it comes to giant robots I can rarely say no.

Pan Oceania T.A.G. Cutter - Front

Cutter – Front

I painted the big guy in much the same technique as my previous PanO figures, adding a bit more black into the mix to help contrast between the parts of such a large model. The standard technique applied, basecoat areas, wash, then highlight. I made a point of not bringing the Orange quite as high as the rest of the force as the larger surface areas needed more subtle technique. A part of me wishes I spent a bit of time playing with OSL on the arm controls but I’d like to test it before throwing it on my army’s centerpiece.

Pan Oceania T.A.G. Cutter - Side

Cutter – Side

You may have noticed that the model is a bit glossy, this is a combination of two factors. First, Let me apologize for the lack of effort to throw the model into my usual Lighbox setup. Time is few and far between these days so I had to make the pics quick and dirty. Please forgive me! The Lightbox would normally diffuse the white light and prevent such harsh reflections.

Secondly, there is the issue with the new GW washes. Simply put? They suck. Compared to the glory days of Devlan Mud, the new Citadel washes have gone back to the previous formula of glossy garbage. I’m even researching solutions just to un-gloss post-wash. Does anyone have any other tips here? I’m dying for a good Devlan Mud equivalent.

Pan Oceania T.A.G. Cutter - Back

Cutter – Back

In terms of gameplay, I’ve already got a few ideas on how to migrate my force into a non-sectorial Pan Oceania army list. Fortunately the newly purchased Auxilia and Sierra Dronbot fit perfectly with my existing collect to make a nice 300pt army. If it’ll stand up to @sjmheron’s morats though? That’s a different story.

  • sjmheron

    Red T.A.G. is red

  • G1ngerk1d

    Testing the new comments…!

  • http://fromthewarp.blogspot.fi/2012/05/devlan-mud-and-badab-black-wash.html?m=1

    Here’s a good review of Army Painter inks. Tried and tested myself too. They do work 🙂

    • G1ngerk1d

      Thanks for the tip! I’m definitely going to try and grab a set. Now to find out which shop stocks them locally…

      • Meeplemart

        • G1ngerk1d

          Do you know if the bottled washes are a different formula than the canned ones?

          • The washes are basically the same, colour matched pretty exactly but I’m pretty sure they are thinner, more like GW washes. The canned stuff is pretty thick since it’s matched for dipping. Army Painter does a fantastic job colour matching. I also thoroughly recommend their paint on matte varnish, that stuff is great.

  • Chase

    Watch your cheerleaders for this guy. If Sam kills them instead of focusing on your Cutter, you’ll have a mean single action each turn while he out manoeuvres you. Also watch for enemy Hackers in a big way. With only the Sargent with a hacking device, and little BTS, you could be a serious victim of hacking and even TAG take over depending on what Sam fields. If he stays pure Morat’s you should have little trouble, but he if starts branching into the Full CA list or Nomads… CA has access to The. Best. Hacker. Period. The Charontid. Nomads, well if Sam starts to go Nomads that’s something you can find out on your own. Or, you know, research it.