#MiniatureMonday @InfinityTheGame – Where’d I leave that REMote? – Sierra & Auxbots

I finally feel as I’m getting back into my painting groove. Now that sleep is normalizing and I’m settling into my new schedule, painting has become a nice activity I can get to when the time presents itself. This time I’m working on more of what attracted me to Infinity in the first place, Remotes! While they may not make as big a splash as the Cutter, they’re going to provide some much needed versatility to the force.

Pan Oceania Sierra Dronbot

Pan Oceania Sierra Dronbot – Total Reaction FTW!

The Sierra Dronbot was a really fun model to assemble and paint. Without the legs overhanging the base it was much easier to attach while keeping them aligned correctly. The “head” of the model is the exact same as the Bulleteer minus the bit that adds the small wings and foils at the back. The antennae were also easier to attach than i anticipated, they came connected in pairs of two by a bit that fit snugly into the back of the head. I love the looks of these Dronbots, I fully expect that after I finish painting the Sierra’s sister bot the Clipper I’ll get another box to build out the last two configurations.

Infinity Pan Oceania Auxbot

Auxbots with some much needed Heavy Flamers!

There are a few things I wanted to point out with these little Auxbots, first of which is that they’re much smaller than they look. That base is only 25mm and they sit only about shoulder height to a human sized model. I also wanted to mention that I didn’t bother adding the upper antennae as they were just too finicky (see the stock model here). The bit was too small to pin and any transport would have snapped them off instantly. I don’t think the models are worse off because of it. Last, if you look closely at the picture the models aren’t actually Left/Right symmetrical, there is an extra few sensors on one side. Little bot, lots of detail!

Infinity Pan Oceania Auxbot Sierra Dronbot Order Sergeant

A Welcome Addition to the Military Orders Forces!

In gameplay terms, the Auxbots add a great template option to my Military Orders force at a bargain price. I can upgrade my regular Order Sgts. to Specialists adding a flamethrower Auxbot for only 4pts and 0SWC. Those dastardly Morats won’t be able to hide behind their pesky smoke when the fire comes calling! The Sierra offers a great defensive tool to add to my already offensive minded MO force. Total Reaction, a HMG, and Mines seem like a winning combination for objective based scenarios. I’ve already built out a few lists that should put these guys to good use.

  • Chase

    They looks nice!

  • Pharun

    can you build two HMG Sierras out of one box?
    PS: Nice color sheme, i like it a lot.

    • G1ngerk1d

      Thanks! Unfortunately no, you can only build one Sierra. It comes with enough bits for 2xHead/Legs/Antennae but only one of each weapon option. I’m going to get another box though, that way I’ll have 2x Sierra / 1x Clipper / 1x Pathfinder.