@InfinityTheGame BatRep – MO vs. Nomads – Mission 101!

MovsNomadsPreviewI finally got out of the house for my first gaming session in over a month and things had changed down at the LGS. Taking a break from the Paradiso Campaign in full swing at X Planet, @sjmheron took a break from assembling his new nomads to play a game.

We decided to try out one of the campaign missions, 101, that focused on securing alien data from one of three consoles set up diagonally across the board. Only a specialist troop such as a hacker or engineer was allowed to gather the data, so it was important I keep one safe all game.

Nomads vs. Military Order

Sam won the roll for first turn and decided to take it. I asked that he set up first so I could deploy in a reactionary way, although with the amount of camo in his list I was unable to really strategize much beyond “that camo maker might be your doom”. I set up with my hacker near the closest objective with the Teutonic Knight link team for support. My Sierra Dronbot and hidden sniper stared down the opposite objective ready to punish anyone who decided to make a move for it.

Infinity Nomads vs Military Orders 300pt Paradiso 101 Part 1

The Nomads didn’t deploy much…

Early game saw the Nomads rushing a pair of Zeros to drop mines and lock me in my deployment zone, then backing off and covering the central objective. Lots of positioning, otherwise not doing too much damage.

During my turn I peeked out with one of my Auxbots and was blasted by a cloaked Intruder for my trouble. My Bulleteer didn’t appreciate that and returned the favour with his spitfire. My Order Sgt., sad with his loss of Auxbot buddy, stepped out and shot the Lunokhod, scaring it into LOS of my Teutonic Knights. A few spitfire rounds later and it was dead, leaving it’s CrazyKoalas looking significantly less crazy.

Infinity Nomads vs Military Orders 300pt Paradiso 101 Part 2

I know there’s some Camo Markers somewhere…

At the start of Sam’s second turn another intruder snuck out of cover and combat camo’d the Fusilier fulls of holes, killing my Lt. Sam’s hacker advanced on the left flank, hacking my Bulleteer from combat camo and making it easy prey for a Zero with her combi-rifle. The Zeros lay a few more mines to defend their position on the center objective and it was back to me.

My Spitfire Knight, now no longer in a link team, was at the mercy of his frenzy and decided to run straight through a mine. While he survived his armor save his former teammate took a wound in the process. Fortunately with all the religious troops it was easy to bounce back from the loss of Lt. as I still had a reasonable amount of Orders to spend. The spitfire knight continued towards the center objective, killing both Zeros and the hacker. With the nearest threats neutralized the my Hacker sped towards the closest objective, rolled, and determined the target console was the one far opposite. Ah well, guess I’m not getting any mission victories today!

Infinity Nomads vs Military Orders 300pt Paradiso 101 Part 3

Hacker gets onto the objective and…

Seeing the Teutonic Knight on a rampage, the still camo’d Prowler decided to go on one of his own. Sneaking up and blasting the Spitfire Knight was his first kill, which he followed up by blasting away the Order Sgt. leaving his Auxbot disabled. The Intruder continued to harass my remaining Teutonic Knights on the right flank and managed to finish the wounded one off. Things were getting close to the wire!

With not much left to be offensive with, I decided to send the Sierra on the move. A few orders later and he was in LOS of both prowlers, split his fire, and gunned them both down. Nice shot Red 2! The Nomads had dropped below 40% and were in retreat. As such, Sam conceded.

Infinity Nomads vs Military Orders 300pt Paradiso 101 Part 4

Sierra Earns his Stripes!


First win! After so much trouble with those dastardly Morats I was expecting much worse from the Nomads. Truth be told, I was quite happy to finally have something I could beat in CC with my Knights. I feel I definitely have to work on my table awareness as I walked into situations I would have not even dreamt of had I been playing closer attention. Fortunately for me however, the religious Military Orders force is very forgiving when playing a war of attrition. Now who thinks I should retire from playing Sam’s Nomads undefeated?

  • What companies produced that terrain? I’d like to look into purchasing some.

  • Chase

    Destroy everything you touch Sierra! Also Sarissa Precision is the shit. I’ll be picking up more of their stuff when I have some spare change outside of this holiday season.