@InfinityTheGame – Order Sgt. Hacker and 1st Fusilier

OSHackerPreviewIt’s that time again! In between some Monpoc commissions I’ve knocked out a few more Infinity models to add to my Military Orders force. While they may not be big & flashy like some of the other models I’ve completed recently, they both provide nice utility to the army. These new figures represent the army’s first finished hacker and first finished Fusilier!

Those versed in Infinity may know that the Order Sgt. Hacker doesn’t exist and had to be converted. Although a little larger than the “standard” Infinity hacking device, I tried a few Imperial Guard Vox Casters and found the Catachan version was just the right size. I’ve already ordered a few more IG bits for other conversions I have coming down the pipe (Father-Engineer, Father-Doctor).

Infinity Military Orders Order Sgt. Hacker Conversion Fusilier

The Front!

Painting used the standard red-black-metallics technique with the New GW washes creating a slightly glossly effect on the pants (of all things!) that I tried to cover up during highlighting. I will admit that recently a suggestion from one Jani Hyvärinen had me pick up the army painter Dark Tone (bottom of this page). It seems to match the older washes, I am currently running some tests to see if I can reproduce his results. My next batch of Infinity figs should be less glossy, and these poor guys will have to remain shiny until I get my hands on some matte spray.

Infinity Military Orders Order Sgt. Hacker Conversion Fusilier

… and turned around!

On the table, the Fusilier adds a nice cheap BS12 Lieutenant option that doesn’t require a 40pt+ Knight, something of a necessity in games under 200pts. As much as it seems unfair to call them Order monkeys, they are the basic troops of PanO and will provide some much needed cheap orders when the big boys come out to play. I’m planning on painting the other two up soon so she wont be the only non-religious troop running off when things go awry.

The Order Sgt. is one of the two religious hacker configurations available in Military Orders, the other is the super expensive Gabriel De Fersen. The latter is something I still need to pick up, but is quite pricey in terms of points and SWC so the Order Sgt. will have his place in the force for quite awhile. While his SWC and points cost make him a bit of a lemon in a normal PanO list, he fits the niche of Hacker just right in the sectorial.

  • Chase

    And now I know which order sgt to shoot first.

  • Fireymonkeyboy

    I really like the colour scheme you’re using with these.

    • G1ngerk1d

      Thanks! I liked the Knight of Santiago Black-Red and the whole army just sort of evolved out of it. Have you picked up any of the Infinity line yet? I’d like to see what you do with it.