Help Write the #WarmongerXmas Song!

cutterPreviewAlright everyone! It’s that time of year again. Now, in the name of full disclosure, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas but I thought we could have a bit of fun. Ahem! The goal is to create a song, to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”, with our own particular #Warmonger feel to it. I’ll start:

On the 1st day of #WarmongerXmas my LGS gave to me, Battlefield in a Box trees.

On the 2nd day of #WarmongerXmas my LGS gave to me 2 [I think you get the point]
… and Battlefield in a Box trees.

Now how do we come up with this song? Well, I figured the best way was to crowdsource it! Please, leave a comment below with your ideas (one comment per “day” of the song so they can be voted on individually please!) and check back often to vote on your favourite one. Come Christmas day I’ll assembled the most popular ones (by vote!) and assemble them into the finished song. Your idea can be anything hobby related, and please try to keep it relatively clean (with the exception of Slannesh of course).

Looking forward to seeing your submissions, and because you stopped by…



  • Chris Gow

    On the 2nd day of #WarmongerXmas my LGS gave to me: 2 Mountain Kings
    … and Battlefield in a Box trees.

  • Warren Greenwood

    3 ArchAngels!