Replacing Badab Black with #ArmyPainter Dark Tone

darkToneWell it’s 2013, another year of blogging must begin! My holiday break was thankfully low key giving me some time to work on a few outstanding hobby projects. Frustrated with the glossy new GW washes, I was recently pointed in the direction of a great review of the army painter line and wanted to try it out myself.

Badhad Black vs. Dark Tone

Badhab Black on the Left, Dark Tone on the Right

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Army Painter bottles have a dropper top unlike the GW washes that would be used straight from the pot. You’ll have to pick up a cheap concave paint palette from your local craft store, the one I use cost under a dollar (In a pinch you could also used an overturned blister!) The dropper means you can dispense as you go, so apply as necessary and let dry!

Zor Magna Custom Quantum Badab Black Strong Tone  Replacement

Painting Finished!

As you can tell from the above pictures, the Army Painter Dark tone has almost the exact same effect at the Badab black. The minis end up with a nice matte wash that was a staple of much of my painting over the past few years. Unless you are going for a glossy effect specificaly I would recommend highly to move away from the GW washes and into the Army Painter ones. I’m definitely a believer!

Now, although there were less entires than I would have liked (scrooges, the lot of you!), the #WarmongerXmas song had one entry which stood out above all else. Here it is:

Twelve combi bolters,
Eleven motes of soulstone,
Ten tanks a-shocking,
Nine inert warjacks,
Eight dice a-rolling,
Seven focus casting,
Six Teemo’s dancing,
Five iron thrones,
Four goblins scheming,
Three game turns,
Two AROs,
And one ring to rule them all!

I expect you to all memorize it and be able to sing it by heart next year. Happy 2013!