#Monsterpocalypse – Christmas Morning Edition – Introducing the Ubersun Syndicate!

ubersun-previewA few weeks ago I was contacted to put together a commission piece specifically for an awesome guy named Israel. The mission? Convert a number of Ubercorp units to match their fellow agenda, the Shadow Sun Syndicate. A few layers of paint and a test model later, and the Ubersun Syndicate was born!

Ubercorp Shadowsun Conversion

The Ubersun Crew!

The scheme was achieved by first taping the bases and priming them black. A boltgun metal / bhadab black basecoat was next, followed by successive highlighting to Mithril Silver to match the metallics on the standard Shadow Sun figures. The areas of blue were picked out with Necron Abyss highlighted to Ice Blue. Also, as you can see in the shot below, there are some areas of darker metal on the standard model as well. I tried to match them by using successive black washes but it wasn’t achieving the effect I wanted. I elected instead to just use a bit of black to break up the bright metal.

Ubercorp Shadowsun Conversion

Compare with a Regular Shadowsun Unit

As for the Shadow Sun Player these are meant for, I have a special message for you!

Hey, Israel. I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with wonderful sons like you & Gabe. I’m particularly thankful that we’re able to enjoy lots of board gaming time together. I’m proud of you for being able to compete at such a high level in the Monpoc world, & I hope these custom figures will increase your enjoyment of the awesome game that we already love so much.

I love you, son. Merry Christmas!

Ubercorp Shadowsun Conversion

In the Ranks with the Shadowsun!

As for me to you Israel, Merry Christmas! I have a bit more work to do before sending these back your way, but once they are in your hands I hope they serve you well in your quest to defend humanity! Hope you guys have a great holiday!

  • Chase

    Those are some very pretty models. Great job dude.