#Monterpocalypse – Custom Voltron!

voltronPreviewA few months ago I was contacted to do a commission for some monpoc figures. Part 1 was some units painted up as the Ubercorp Syndicate, Ubercorp units done up to match their sister agenda of the Shadow Sun Syndicate. Part 2 however, was a little more in depth. After all, I had to do one of my favourite childhood cartoons justice!

The challenge was to take the Mega form of the model and blend it with the Hyper Form (or, the real thing). This meant a model full of colours, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. It was decided the metals would remain a separate colour to help him stand out as from the hyper form. The freehand on the chest was particularly difficult, using each colour for one tiny panel was an interesting challenge! All in all I think he turned out very well and has a much more “gritty” and real feel to him.

Monsterpocalypse Voltron Custom Painted Commission

Voltrons! Defenders of the Universe!

I found the green/red to be the easiest colours, but the yellow/blue to be more difficult. As it turns out, I have limited experience with yellow mostly gained from painting my Sorylians. I really should pick up a project where I have an opportunity to practice it, but beyond going off the deep end with Imperial Fists I can’t think of anything. Perhaps I’ll do it as a part of my next project, more Super Dungeon Explore heroes!