#SuperDungeonExplore – Starfire the #Dragon

Starfire-Preview-2An important part of every dungeon crawl is the big boss at the end. Starfire is the head baddie that came with the original boxed set and still my favourite to break out. I’ve been painting so many heroes lately that I needed to change it up with something a little different, a Dragon definitely fit!

Assembling Starfire was a real pain. The bits didn’t quite fit together as they should have, the legs and pillar he’s sitting on specifically. The solution to this problem was straightforward but awkward, I dipped the lower half of the model in boiling water, moulded it into position, and then ran it under a cold tap. Worked like a charm!

Super Dungeon Explore Dragon Painted Starfire - Left

Starfire – Left

I decided to go with blue for one simple reason, I had a son! To elaborate, he was born during the Chinese Year of the water dragon and painting a dragon blue in his honour was the least I could do for such a monumental occasion! I used Necron Abyss for the skin’s base and highlighted to Caledor Sky. For the wings and the underside I used Caledor Sky highlighted to Ice blue.

For the base base I used the same technique for the lava veins as the spawn point that can be seen here. I really love how it turned out, this is definitely going to be the standard for baddie basing from now on.

Super Dungeon Explore Dragon Painted Starfire - Right

Starfire – Right

I did end up getting another outing with the big guy last week, unfortunately he got destroyed by the heroes after being filled full of arrows Smaug style. That’s alright, it’s to be expected when facing off against a team of fully painted heroes. For those who don’t know, painted minis fight -at least- twice as hard as unpainted ones. I’m really going to try and get a SDE battle report done soon so you can see him in action!