#MTG – Reduce/Reuse/Recycle – Building Karador EDH

karador-PreviewLately I’ve been putting some of my gaming time and effort towards fitting in some Magic the Gathering. While mainstream serious play isn’t really my thing, EDH with friends over beer is something I can really get behind. Recently @biosphear gifted me with an oversized shiny new general and you know what that means, deck building time!

Magic the GatheringKarador - Ghost Chieftain Art

The Man Himself

When I first saw Karador I was a bit underwhelmed. A 3/4 mythic rare for 8 seemed like a recipe for getting my ass kicked. If I was going to make him work I needed to really utilize his recycling graveyard. I went into the deck building with the following goals:

  • Lots of creatures
  • Ways to get get creatures into the graveyard
  • Diverse creature utility

After a few drafts and a couple of orders to starcitygames, here’s what I came up with. Lots of big beefy creatures and graveyard manipulation. The goal is to keep as many creatures in your graveyard as possible with a diverse list of effects that trigger on entering play or being sacrificed. Early there are a few ways to get creatures into the graveyard in the first place such as Grisly Salvage, Buried Alive, and Hermit Druid. You can see the full deck here:

Karador EDH Graveyard Recycle


It even incorperated one of my old favourites, Mortivore!

There’s a few things I want to change around, I really want to see if i can fit in an Angel of Despair for some spot removal and a Desolation Angel to really seal the game when i have that big creature advantage. Just the mere presence of these cards in my graveyard will make my opponents think twice.

Initial tests have been good, the deck has had success against a Nicol Bolas discard, White/Green legend party, and a Red/Blue Izzet deck. I haven’t yet played in in a big multiplayer game, but I could easily see my creature advantage earning me the ire of my opponents VERY quickly. Can’t wait to test it out!

  • Now I need to make an EDH deck too! Maybe Kresh sacrifice antics or something with Jenara or Rafiq

    • G1ngerk1d

      I have played against both of these using my “ultra multiplayer madness” Nicol Bolas deck, they are pretty nasty. I am trying to retool and refocus that one too.

      • The only “ultra multiplayer madness” deck worth playing is mono-red starring Norin the Wary and all the stupid red coin flips and randomness. Though you’re going to die pretty fast.