#SuperDungeonExplore – Riftling Rogue!

SDE-rogue-previewProgress on Super Dungeon Explore marches on! In another blatant dodge of the looming stack of baddies I have finished the Riftling Rogue! She’s a Demonkin hero who excels at loot gathering while dodging the consuls every attack. Not to mention that teleportation potion!

Painting the Rogue felt like 95% hair and 5% other details. I did the hair with the same technique as I used to paint the Druid & Angry Bear, a light grey basecoat, black wash, more grey, and white highlights. The colours for her skin I borrowed from a custom Rakadon I painted a few months ago, using Liche purple and highlighting with Slannesh grey.

Super Dungeon Explore Riftling Rogue

Riftling Rogue – Front

I really like how the Rogue plays as she brings a hero who can use Dex based items for defense instead of armor. Without some sort of knockdown kicking around she can be nigh impossible to hit by throwing 2 red die plus whatever she picks up on the way. One may think her attack attribute would suffer while pumping Dex but that isn’t the case either. Being the only hero with an ability to toss a Green die with her backstab means she can hit tough targets without buffs from the loot deck.

Super Dungeon Explore Riftling Rogue

Riflting Rogue – Back

Even though I’ve started work on the Herald of Vulcanis I may put him on hold for a bit. I’ve made it a priority to paint all the heroes first. There’s nothing that enhances a game’s experience more than using a mini that isn’t a flat plastic grey. I only have 4 heroes left until I’ve completed them all, unless of course someone has a few extra from the Relic Knights kickstarter they would be willing to part with (hint, nudge)!

  • Fireymonkeyboy

    Okay, these figs don’t really do it for me, but I love what you did with this guy – looks great!