#MTG – Nekusar EDH

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering my favourite format is Commander (the format previously known as EDH). I’ve posted in the past about my experience building a Karador Recycle Deck, but I’ve always neglected my first love, the Grixis deck that has been steadily evolving over the past few years.

Magic the Gathering MTG Nekusar, the Mindrazer Art Commander EDH

Nekusar, Razing Minds all over Town!

At first this deck was focused on Nicol Bolas. I had a copy of the From the Vault: Dragons reprint who served as a good starting Commander. Eventually I swapped him out in favour of Crosis, the Purger who was a little easier to summon. With a heavy focus on discard I found the deck could really slow the game down, to the point that I added a bunch of cards that allowed everyone to draw. When the Commander 2013 decks were released the Grixis version employed the extact same strategy, plus a few new cards that were right in my wheelhouse.

Nekusar EDH

Magic the Gathering EDH Commander Archenemy X Planet Games

Playing Commander Archenemy

Adding Nekuar has made the deck formidable. Since he is the Commander and deals damage on draw, any player drawing more than 21 cards with him out will lose. Edit: I have been informed that ability damage does not count towards the commander total. Thanks to K & J! I really like this Commander damage strategy that doesn’t rely on a huge creature beating their face. The deck relies on 3 things:

First, accelerating card draw is a must. Howling Mine, Teferi’s Puzzle Box, and Jace’s Archivist do the trick. Forced Fruition instantly turns a game into absolute madness. This can be a risky strategy though, giving an opponent card advantage can sometimes railroad them into completing their own combo decks.

Second, I have to find ways to benefit from all the cards being drawn. Nekusar does this well, but cards like Spiteful Visions, Phyrexian Tyranny, and Kederekt Parasite fill this role. Other cards like Price of Knowledge and Sudden Impact punish players for having a large hand. I can also deal damage using cards like Psychosis Crawler or Niv Mizzet.

Last but not least, I need ways to upend my opponent’s strategies while they are already in motion. Since the deck can punish players for having large hands, I prefer cards that do mass bounce such as Evacuation, Cyclonic Rift, Wash Out, and Kederekt Leviathan. In extreme cases Obliterate can do a full board wipe (but leave important enchantments alone).

I’ve tested the deck a few times against my usual nemesis, Morgan. So far the results have been great. The real test will be pitting the deck against everything the experienced players at the X Planet EDH League throw at me. We’ll see in the new year!

  • Kevin Stewart

    Commander damage is combat damage, not ability damage.

    • G1ngerk1d

      Ah, didn’t know that. Fixed!

  • Kevin Stewart

    Needs more Wheel of Fortune effects!