#SuperDungeonExplore – Dragon’s Clutch

Here’s some guys I finished a while ago, the Dragon’s Clutch! They were pretty straight forward to get finished, leaning heavily on the colour blue to tie them in with their master, Starfire.

Super Dungeon Explore Painted Dragon's Clutch Hatchlings


Super Dungeon Explore Dragon's Clutch Whelps Painted


Super Dungeon Explore Dragon's Clutch Wyrmlings Painted


Super Dungeon Explore Dragon's Clutch Painted

Starfire’s Posse

These little guys may look harmless but can really lay on the hurt if all goes well. Their synergy relies on knocking down the enemy hero then piling on with boosting attacks. I like them as a single spawning point option and they fit well with Starfire’s theme. For all the consuls out there, what’s your favourite single spawning point and why?