#SuperDungeonExplore – Roxor & Crew

Hey all, long time no post! Hobby love has been few and far between these days, time for blogging less so. That said, I have been getting back on the painting train the past few weeks and have some results to show for it. I present to you, Roxor!

Super Dungeon Explore Boss Roxor Painted

Roxor in all his Firey Glory

Super Dungeon Explore Roxor Fireflow Denizens Painted Spawning Point

With the Fireflow Denizens

My painting focus continues to be Super Dungeon Explore as I have a boatload of minis coming in for the Forgotten King Kickstarter (which, btw media team, your previews have been fantastic). I took inspiration for painting the group from this photo (done by theminikingdom.blogspot.com). I’m not sure if I’m completely satisfied with how the minis turned out, but sometimes one must cut corners for the sake of sanity.

P.S. So how’s that for new content, @mrkevinstewart?

  • Warren Greenwood

    James looking good buddy!!!

  • I love the use of green and black on Roxor, really contrasts all the red and yellow so well. excellent choice!!!