#XWingMiniatures – M3-A Interceptor, Round 2!

Chalk up another one! I enjoyed painting the previous M3-A quite a bit so decided to go for round 2. Not much changed from the first attempt, I opted to stick with the same colour scheme. The big change I made was swapping from the skull-cockpit to a pair of crossed swords on the left wing.

Scum and Villainy M3-A

M3-A – Front

Scum and Villainy M3-A

M3-A – Back

Scum and Villainy M3-A

Up at Auction!

This is another mini I’ve decided to sell off, you can find the ebay auction here. Recently I’ve been putting time into my own fleet and have been working on my Decimator. For my next commission I’m thinking it’s time to move away from Scum and Villainy and instead knock out a few TIE Interceptors.

P.S. To Kevlar, I know I promised you a paint list and a step by step, just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten!

  • Kevlar

    Hey man, thanks cannot wait to see it!! Your projects keep getting better and better!