#MTG – Jarad EDH

For some time I worked with a Karador Reanimate deck which became a little boring to play. Unlike the everpresent madness inherent with Nekusar, I found play style wasn’t keeping me interested. I needed a change that could utilize my current collection. Enter Jarad.

Jarad EDH Commander Theory

Let’s talk Jarad

Why Jarad?

The Lhurgoyf mechanic stuck with me ever since the Ice Age days in highschool halways, so why not build a deck dedicated to it? I had already acquired many of important pieces so it was an easy port to a new general. Aggro is something my other (Nekusar) deck lacks, and there’s nobody who can deny how satisfying it is to swing with a huge creature.

The Plan

Unlike the previous deck which focused on reincarnation, this deck focuses more on seeding the graveyard with as many creatures as possible to pull out the heavy hitters. Stack the GY with a combination of dredge, small creatures with discard/ramp mechanics. Once the deck is in a good position, it’s quite easy to get a few 10/10+ creatures out to swing or sac for massive damage.


GY hate will really screw you over. I find it’s not quite as bad as Karador, but there’s some level of having to start from scratch that occurs once your yard is wiped. Land is important and is hard to keep rolling once you’re in a dredge combo, so be wary of that. Other players who can utilize your graveyard to their own benefit can also give you a headache, so make sure to include a Homeward Path.

The Deck

I still need to pick up a few pieces here (Mikaeus, Geth, Woodfall), but primary tests have been positive. As always, comments, criticism, and suggestions are encouraged!