#BloodBowl – Introducing the Rotswell Wormfoods!

I decided to try something different this year and have taken up Bloodbowl. I’m getting ready for a local tournament (Blingtoof’s Gitbash) and picked up an Undead team from venerable @mrkevinstewart. Now they’re painted up and ready to rumble!

Bloodbowl Blood Bowl Undead Team Zombies Painted


Bloodbowl Blood Bowl Undead Team Ghouls Painted

Dirtflayer, Carrion, and Jeff

Blood Bowl Bloodbowl Undead Team Wight Wights Painted

The Wight Brothers, Orville and Wilbur the Ancient

Blood Bowl Bloodbowl Undead Team Mummies Mummy Painted

Prince Ihmotep and Rumpled Quilt Skin

Blood Bowl Bloodbowl Undead Team Painted

The Rotswell Wormfoods!

For painting, I stuck a slight variation on the SuperDungeonExplore Undead scheme that turned out great. You may also notice that I’ve snuck in a skeleton from out Wedding Cake Topper as a stand in for the time being. Blingtoof’s encourages the use of Goblins so I’ve also decided to paint a trio of those to come along as well.

  • Fireymonkeyboy

    Rumpled Quilt Skin is the boss.

    • G1ngerk1d

      I had way too much fun naming the team.

  • Kevin Stewart

    Venerable is a bit of a stretch