150 Nightfall Battle Report – pMadrak/Borka/pDoomy vs. Reznik/pFeora/eKreoss

In order to get the High Commander stamp during the Privateer Press Nightfall campaign you have to complete one of two objectives. After playing 5 games you must do one of the following.

a) Play two 100 point games
b) Play one 150 point game

I elected to do the second to save myself some sanity. We started at noon and it lasted until about 4:30 pm. – a four and a half hour game is enough to drain anyone both mentally and physically but what’s even more crazy is that I’m writing a battle report about it! Disclaimer: This is more or less what happened and I may be missing certain and important events that took place. Consider this the highlight reel of the game. Brian – if I missed anything tell me!

Warmachine Hordes Protectorate of Menoth Trolls 150pt Battle Report - Part 1

150pt Battle Report - Part 1

Setup and First turn:
It’s actually quite easy to explain my setup if you look at the army lists in the previous post about this subject. From left to right we had Doomshaper, Madrak, and Borka with their respective 50 point armies. eKreoss setup opposite Borka and Madrak while Feora and Reznik decided to tag team pDoomy. The Pygs advance deployed on both flanks. I will admit that I had no idea what the rest of the Protectorate’s list was and it would be too much effort to figure it out. If you’re interested just leave a comment and I’ll get it from him when I can.

First turn was pretty straight forward from the Troll perspective – both KSB’s got pumped full of fury and were ready to go. The armies moved using the buildings as the perfect funnel to ensure the enemy couldn’t flank me. The Pygs ran up the sides making sure to stay out of range. Bricked up and ready to rock.

The Menites move forward slowly keeping outside of my charge range everywhere except the right flank where a few Exemplar Errants got into charge range. The Vengers attempt to run to engage my Pygs but fall a few inches short. The Zealots move up and greater destiny. Both choirs do no shooting on the Warjacks.

Warmachine Hordes Protectorate of Menoth Trolls 150pt Battle Report - Part 2

150pt Battle Report - Part 2

Turn 2 – Top:
After some decision making I elect to use Borka’s feat in order to get as many models in melee as possible on the right side of the board. The Fell Blades went barreling into his Knights Errant and managed to only wipe out a few since self sacrifice was canceling Berserk. The Pygs help kill the Vengers who ran to engage. I slam one of my own Long Riders through the unit of Zealots hoping to follow through and tie more of them up but roll a 1 for Slam distance – eesh. Not much happens on the Doomshaper flank – realizing I’m out numbered I push the champs forward ever so slowly trying to bait him into charging my lines. The Pygs take a few shots and kill a few Deliverers.

Turn 2 – Bottom:
This turn started with Feora pasting a few Kriel Warriors by arcing fire through her Revenger. Resnik kept up and camped most of his focus not being able to do much damage since he was too far behind the front lines. The Fell Blades lost a few members to his Exemplar Errant’s attacks but the line held for the most part. The Long Riders made a big show of remaining unhurt while taking a bunch of zealot hits.

Turn 3 – Top
With some bonus movement from the forest the Earthborn Dire Troll charges a Crusader on the left flank and rips it to pieces. The remaining Kriel Warriors charge up and CMA the Revenger for quite a few points of damage. As a defensive measure Doomshaper pops his feat keeping Feora and Reznik suppressed for a round. Horthol charges the Avatar but he uses the enliven ability to scoot away. Not quite far enough though, as I still managed to charge the Avatar with a Mauler under Rage who proceeded to chain attack throw him into a clump of nearby Temple Flameguard.

Turn 3 – Bottom
Due to Doomshaper’s feat being up Feora and Reznik camp most of their focus to avoid taking any damage. The Deliverers on the left flank drop some AoE’s on the Pygs but only a few fall due to tough rolls. On the right flank eKreoss lays the beatdown by popping his feat and making a hole in the champion line to reach Madrak. Gravus sitting on three tokens charges into Madrak and gets 5 attacks that autohit! (ouch). Madrak lives through the encounter with a few health left. (phew!) The Avatar gets up and does mean things to the Mauler but doesn’t manage to kill him, taking some damage from Doomshaper’s feat in the process. Feora feats and sets the majority of the Trolls on the left flank on fire.

Warmachine Hordes Protectorate of Menoth Trolls 150pt Battle Report - Part 3

150pt Battle Report - Part 3

Turn 4 – Top
This turn was pretty brutal against the Menites, the Earthborn got down and dirty with a Crusader and a Devout on the left flank totally crushing the both of them while Madrak’s feat-fueled army killed the remaining Exemplars on the right side of the board. The Mauler continued it’s Rampage through the Avatar and a few Long Riders finally got into b2b with eKreoss doing a few points of damage. The rest of the trolls start to wheel left in an attempt to provide backup to the besieged Doomshaper.

Turn 4 – Bottom
Reznik allocates three focus to his Templar and gets ready to take Doomy down. Reznik moves up and feats removing all the fury from everything! The Tempaler Charges at a weird angle from the left flank he manages to beatback the Pyre Troll twice and work his way into melee range of Doomshaper. Two hits from a massive flail later Doomshaper needs to make a tough roll and… fails. The first caster of the game has fallen! To keep things simple we elect to remove his beasts from the table.

Warmachine Hordes Protectorate of Menoth Trolls 150pt Battle Report - Part 4

150pt Battle Report - Part 4

Turn 5:
The Totem Hunter charges and with a swift Keelax to the face eKreoss goes down. As both of our forces look to reengage each other in the middle of the board we start moving into each other. The forces remaining on the left side of the board grind their way through the remaining TFG and finish off the Avatar. The 4 remaining Pygs on the left side also pull an amazing turn by killing Feora with a CRA in the back that she never saw coming. Go Pygs! There isn’t much left on the board for both of us at this point so it’s mostly just moving to get into position.

Turn 6+:
Madrak and Borka finish off what’s remaining on the right flank and then start wheeling towards Reznik. He does the same, and by the time we meet in the middle of the board I realize I have much more than him left. The Totem Hunter is the first to have a go at Reznik but doesn’t manage to do enough to take him down. He is easily crushed the following turn and Reznik gets up and ready to throw down with my casters mano-a-mano. I end the game in a most unfortunate way however, killing him with a massive 10 man CRA from my Pyg Bushwhackers.

Warmachine Hordes Protectorate of Menoth Trolls 150pt Battle Report - Part 5

150pt Battle Report - Part 5

It wasn’t the most elegant game and it wasn’t the most elegant win, but damn, I had fun. It was really nice to use absoloutely every single Troll model I own (and then some). I generally prefer the smaller games that can really allow you to think tactically but this was a huge slaughter-fest and if anything the Trolls have an advantage from their durability. Things would have been much different had Brian remembered to bring his High Reclaimer along. His grand plan of the triple-feat turn was put to death when he realized the model has been left on the painting table at home.

Game MVP:
Definitely the Pyg Bushwhackers. What an amazing little unit of flankers. When you’re playing the attrition game with your big nasty beasts/warlocks/units up front, there’s a good chances your opponent will just ignore them. They can really come in late game and cause a ton of damage.

  • Wow

  • I have a very hard time deciding who I hate more in thei Report: The super-tough Trollbloods, or the dirty, dirty burninating Menites.

    Thankfully you both lost casters/Locks, so everybody wins!!


  • James Lopez

    Can’t find the post with your lists of trollbloods and was thinking of starting with one of those three warlocks if you can send me a comment back to what you had it would be very appreciated