Talion Charter in Warmachine MK2 – Battle Reports and Afterthoughts

Even though the MK2 rules have been officially out for quite a while now, I’ve avoided making the crossover due to a general lack of desire to over at my LGS. After running the our LGS’s first MK2 Tournament this weekend. I did however finally get myself into some MK2 games in last night. I decided to try out the Shae list I had developed during the day using Forward Kommander.

35 – Shae (+6)
– Freebooter
– Mariner
Sea Dog Crew (x10)
– Mr. Walls
The Commodore Cannon!
Bosun Grogspar
Doc Killingsworth
First Mate Hawk
Lord Rockbottom
Dirty Meg
– Buccaneer

Jme and Talion

Often I will threaten my minis. Bad performance means they don't get to go back in the display case.

Game 1: Seaforge!
My first game was against Skrob He was using a Seaforge list with Madhammer at the Helm sporting some options that I hadn’t seen in quite a while. His list looked like this:

35 Madhammer (+6)
– Wroughthammer Rockram
– Grundback Gunner
– Grundback Gunner
– Grundback Gunner
Hammerfall High Shields (x10)
Horgenhold Forge Guard (x10)
Herne and Jonne
Lord Rockbottom
Thor Steinhammer

The Seaforge went first and the dwarves setup with their jacks on the left and their infantry on the right with Madhammer hanging with his warjacks and H&J in a hill slighly in front of the main line. I setup with my standard wall of pirates with Jacks on the flanks and solos and Shae centrally behind the Sea Dogs.

First turn saw not much action, us both jockeying for position on the board with some AoE’s from H&J falling short and the mariner blowing the two of them up in retaliation. Second turn saw Madhammer creeping closer on a hill dropping inhospitable ground, casting explosivo on the Wroughthammer and killing quite a few tough pirates with an assault. I retaliated this turn by feating with Shae and moving the pirates out of melee and lining up a freebooter behind the Wroughthammer in line with the Commodore. The Commodore cannon shot slammed the Wroughthammer into the Freebooter and did quite a bit of damage from the super slam and knocking it down, allowing the freebooter to finish it off with the extra damage die from the knockdown. The Mariner and Buccaneer got stuck in with the Gunner’s this turn as well but didn’t manage to do much damage to them.

Skrob and his Seaforge

Whenever Skrob plays Madhammer he gets that look in his eyes...

Third turn saw Madhammer feat and blow up quite a few pirates with high shields under explosivo. He also dropped his own barrage on their heads and by the time it was finished only a few Pirates remained standing. The Forge Guard charged into my Mariner and Buccaneer destroying them both. Realizing it was now or never I moved Shae up and tried a desperate “blow the man down” on Madhammer. Barely succeeding, I moved the freebooter into melee with him and crushed him with clamped fists to finish the game.

With the new abilities of the Buccaneer to auto-knockdown we have a new best friend for the freebooter, and the pair make a truly terrifying team. Being immune to KD isn’t quite as good as it used to be although the ability to setup super slams is something I never really had to worry about before as I was always moving so fast into the enemy army.

Game 2: Khador
In this game I played against someone new to our LGS, Chris. Chris has a beautifully painted Khador army that looked very intimidating on the tabletop with two units of man-o-wars. His force looked like this:

35 Supreme Kommander Irusk (+5)
– Destroyer
– Juggernaut
Man-o-War Shocktroopers (x5)
Man-o-War Demo Corps (x5)
Winterguard Mortar Crew

Again I failed the roll for first turn and had my Khador opponent setup before me. He setup in a tight formation, his Man-o-Wars closely guarding his marginally softer Demo Corps with Irusk behind and a warjack on either flank. I used my standard setup of the jacks on either side with the Sea Dogs out in front and the solos and Shae behind. The cannon deployed to the far right side (Which his manhunter promptly set up opposite to).

The Khador of Chris

The Khador of Chris led by Epic Irusk

First turn had the Khador move up dropping a few templates near me but causing minimal damage. I respond by jockeying for position and trying to slam the juggernaut through the line of Man-o-Wars with a cannonball but am a inch or two short. The mariner fired a shot at the manhunter hoping for a lucky deviation but it drifted away harmlessly.

Turn two saw the Khador advance again into striking range. A few shots only managed to fell one pirate due to some good rolling on my part. Go Tough rolls! This is the turn the pirates counter-assaulted and charged into the front wall of Man-O-War’s at full force. Under the benefits of Hawk, Doc, Rockbottom, and Grogspar they were able to take three of the 10 Man-O-Wars down, not nearly enough. I did manage to line up a shot to knock the Juggernaut over from the Commodore, but ended up rolling a 6 and slamming it out of my Freebooter’s threat range. Argh!

Sea Dogs Clash bounce off the Man-o-Wars

Sea Dogs bounce off the Man-o-Wars!

On turn three Irusk’s forces counter-attacked and using some of his tricks managed to get through my tough pirate line and bring down all of my solos leaving the pirates with the hitting power of wet noodles. I decided to push for an assassination and decided grind the slowed Freebooter’s gears to get it into range of the juggernaut for a hopeful chain attack two handed throw. First attack.. DOUBLE ONES! I tried a for lucky blow the man down with Shae but missed and we called game as the store was closing.

The pirates certainly do not have the hitting power they used to. Even with their weapon master and gang bonuses they were unable to really dent the man-o-wars after charging in. This game was plagued with bad dice rolls however, so maybe it’s a bad indicator of what the pirates could do overall. Putting the mariner straight into that unit of Man-O-Wars with the pirates would have made a huge difference as well so maybe I should consider that in the future. Late game Shae assassination has also always been a bit tricky, but I am starting to form ideas involving his “Veil of Mists” mixed with his feat to sneak through the enemy lines and get a charge lane to a caster.

If you found this helpful leave us a comment and say so! 😉 Thanks for reading!

  • I dig the paint jobs I can tell you that. Given that I play Trollbloods however I have no idea what to say about the actual battles!

  • Jme

    I have to make a note here that I made an error with Skrobs list. It should be two units of 6 High Shields rather than 1 unit of 10.

  • Mike

    Good stuff – I am a hardcore merc player but have yet to really give the Talion Charter a good shot in the new rules. Happy to find info on how others are doing it 🙂

  • Nice post. I’m bring my Talion Charter out to play for the first time tonight. Should be fun.