#Monsterpocalypse Battle Report – Zorog vs. Robo Kondo

I went into X Planet a few weeks ago for the first Monsterpocalypse tournament I’ve hit up in awhile. I decided to bring my custom Zorog to the table while facing a collaborators the entire day (ugh). First round I faced off against cottondonkey and and managed to get a few shots of the game. Here’s what I brought along:

Ultra Zorog
– 1x Elite 2x Destrucomites
– 1x Elite 2x Chompers
– 1x Elite 2x Scorchers
– 3x Explodomites
– 1x Shadow Explodohawk
– 1x Fuel Truck
– 1x Crawler

cottondonkey brought along Mega Robo Kondo and won the roll for first turn. I got to choose the map – Kill Again’s Island – for as much teleport shenanigans as I could muster. As we set up for the game I put as many hazards on the board as I possibly could in classic Planet Eater’s style. He put a few Underground networks around the board much to my delight (go superstructure!). On his first turn he captured a single building and on my first turn I disrupted him using the teleporters and one of my Explodomites.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report - Robot Kondo vs Zorog Round 1

Robot Kondo and Zorog Square Off

We both advanced our Monsters carefully, trying to smash buildings for some early pDice. I succeeded crushing one of his underground networks. In the following unit turn I made a huge mistake, leaving myself open for a body slam into the Crystaline Building. (The worst part is that I could have screened myself but elected to throw a chomper to disrupt). The cheeky monkey hypered up then flew his way over the map, sticking me directly onto the flaming spire. Ouch!

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report - Robot Kondo vs Zorog Round 2

And then I left myself wide open...

To my benefit he really hadn’t though about the repercussions and I immediately picked up him up and tossed him onto a comet-shard/fire for four damage straight back. This had the added bonus of him being on my side of the map and close to my swarms of units! He tried to minimize damage from my counter attacks but with the benefits of crunch I was able to finish off his Mega form with my Ultra still intact.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report - Robot Kondo vs Zorog Round 3

Cottondonkey tries to Prevent more Retaliation

The beatings continued, with my units helping Zorog to swarm around Kondo and lay on the damage. At this point we were going tit for tat, me laying on aggressively and giving him lots of opportunity for counter attack. Crunch, weaken, and flank helped me really put the melee damage on him, unfortunately his flight saved him from much of the heavy damage my ground based units could put on him. Healing for one he just managed to outdo my plans and won the game with a bunch of Mecha-Chompers showing that constructs are better than the real thing.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report - Robot Kondo vs Zorog Round 4

The Cheeky Monkey pulls it out!

Man oh man, taking that much damage early really put me behind. It was a mixed blessing getting smacked so early as it brought him right into my side of the board while putting him in a position where I could do the same damage right back. What I think is really important is finding a way to get my units across the board reliably (why are they so slow?) while keeping Zorog ready to get stuck in once battle is joined. Had a blast playing, thanks for the games all weekend guys. Can’t wait to throw down again sometime soon.