March Mini Madness – #40k & #Warmahordes

I haven’t posted too much in the past week and it’s mostly due to my Wargaming life being all over the place. With the fast-grow league at X Planet in full swing as well as a few tournaments kicking around I was a busy Warmonger. As such I have a series of 40k and Warmahordes pictures that should explain my March fairly well.

Magnus Battlegroup in the Fast-Grow League

Magnus Battlegroup in the Fast-Grow League

The Fast-Grow League was fantastic, with a three way fight for first place that was only settled at the end of league tournament. With twelve players coming out every Tuesday night to test their mettle against one another while getting points for building their armies at the same time is just awesome. Here’s a hint for players in the upcoming league – it looks like there may be tiers in your futures!

Plastic Grey Knight Terminators

First look at the Plastic Grey Knight Terminators

While kicking around Scarborough I had a chance to poke my head into the local Games Workshop to see what was new. Of course they had some of the plastic Grey Knigths assembled and ready to go. While a quick look through the new codex made me roll my eyes at the rules the models as were just amazing as always. With so many plastic bits and options to add to each squad these terminators are unparalleled in both customization and conversion potential.

Black Knight Games Tournament March 12th 2011

BKG Tournament run by PG_LOLM4RX

March 12th had the first tournament I’ve ever attended at Black Knight run by none other than our PG_LOLM4RX. I went 3-1 on the day and pulling second losing to that dastardly Harby list that I decided to try Gunnbjorn against. I had great opponents on the day, facing off against Mike “Can’t roll a 6 on Two Dice” McHu running eMakeda, Derek “Moonova” Gibson running Absylonia, and everyone’s favourite Charles “Mongol” Ohlke running a pMagnus list. Great opponents and great fun, I wish the three of you better luck against Borka next time!

Tyranid Hierophant Size Comparison

Tyranid Hierophant and Pyg

After the tournament I swung back into St. Catharines for some hangout time with the Denizens of the Doomspire and managed to get a big 75pt game against Aaron running a Deneghra list. Afterwards while I was browsing the awesome miniatures heaven that is the Doomspire he grabbed his pride and joy – a Tyranid Hierophant – and set it up alongside my wee little Pyg Bushwhacker. I can’t help but feel 40k runs on a whole different scale from Warmachine sometimes.

X Planet Games Tournament March 26 2011

Epic Conflict filled the Store!

Last but not least was the league ending tournament over at X Planet on March 26th. There was a massive 18 player turnout to start the day it was the largest non-convention tournament I’ve ever been a part of running. Players came in from Mississauga, Toronto, Niagara, and Burlington, all competing for top spot. Justin pulled it out with JDWhitee coming in a VERY close 2nd, and as always PG_LOLM4RX came in 3rd.

What can I say? It was a good month for miniatures.