Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – WIP 1

After spending my Saturday at Conquest Toronto I was eager to come home and put some work into the Ravens of Retribution, starting with a command squad that has been a WIP project for as long as I can remember. Last week I received some custom Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields from Chapter House Studios and finally got some inspiration on what to do with them. Here are the results:

Custom Converted Deathwing Command Squad Conversion

Belial's Crew

I was originally going to wait to get myself a few Thunder Hammer arms and do the conversion from there, but having an epiphany set me to work immediately. The command squad was already assembled and (mostly) primed with a standard Storm Bolter/Power Fist loadout, but why would that stop me? I clipped the Storm Bolters out of the hands to make room for the Shields and just put the Thunder Hammers into the existing Powerfists. I figure if you’re going to be wielding “The Thunder” you better have the fists to do it!

Custom Converted Deathwing Command Squad Conversion Thunder Hammer Storm Shield

Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

The Squad was already heavily converted with various extra bits including Forgeworld Raptors Should Pads to match my existing conversions as well as my custom Belial. The squad leader in particular is going to provide a nice freehand opportunity with the standard he’s sporting, I’m going to have to decide what to put on it – any ideas?

Custom Converted Deathwing Command Squad Leader Conversion

Squad Leader

I also put together an apothecary conversion to go with these guys. Although I didn’t have the bits for a proper Narthecium/Reductor I did add a chainfist for the terminator armour he will have to cut through to get the geneseed. I also added a siren on for a bit of comedy and also to make it obvious which model it is. I’ve named him “Brother Morgus” after a friend of mine who’s currently in the process of becoming a paramedic. I figured it was rather fitting!

Custom Converted Deathwing Command Squad Apothecary Conversion

Brother Morgus - Deathwing Apothecary

They’re already been primed and got one coat of paint since these pictures were taken so you can expect them to be done very soon. I can’t wait to spend time highlighting the Storm Shield in particular, it has tons of texture and is going to be a blast to paint. So far so good friends, finally a squad worthy of being in Command on the tabeltop.