Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – WIP 2

The command squad is coming along nicely. Since I posted up Part 1 I’ve been making some slow and steady progress, really taking my time to make sure the Command Squad comes out looking top notch compared to the rest of the force. This means an extra few layers highlighting, when mixed with the increased surface area the Shields and Hammers provide it’s taking much longer than I expected!

Custom Converted Deathwing Command Squad Conversion Trooper WIP

The Bone looks Fantastic!

I even tried my hand at a little freehand with the Terminator Apothecary. Although I’m used to doing freehand for the squad markings I haven’t done as much outside of my limited attempt at the Larb Project’s Khador Devestator. With a quick web search for “Medical Symbol” (what’s that thing called again?) I was able to draw some inspiration (see what I did there?) and get it done.

Converted Custom Terminator Apothecary Freehand

Check out that Freehand Work!

I can’t wait to throw down with this squad on the tabletop.