Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – Complete!

Since you’ve seen them in all stages of progress this last post isn’t going to come as much of a surprise! I finally got some pics together of my finished Deathwing Command Squad (you can see them in progress in Part 1 and Part 2). You’ve seen the technique before with other terminators so just appreciate how they look painted up and ready to scrap. Can’t wait to throw down with this crew, I just need a good excuse to play some 40k!

Converted Custom Deathwing Terminator Command Squad

Ready for a Scrap!

  • I really like the look of this unit- it fits a Deathwing theme nicely, and remains individual. Good work!

  • ozrax

    Great work. Love the choice of sheilds. The overall look and feel is perfect. They look powerfull and have a ‘don’t cross us’ attitude. Well done! Now to field test them?