Modeling & Painting Best of 2009-2011

Being the first of “Best of” posts, I’m going to go back a bit, way into 2009 when the blog was in it’s infancy. I’ve collected a few of my favourite models from the past two years, re-photographed them with the new hotness, and put them together in one place.

Gunnbjorn’s completion was mixed with a painting tutorial from December of 2010. I still think the Red Coat, Dark Blue Skin, and Giant Metal Bazooka compliment each other to create an amazing finished product.

Hordes Trollbloods Gunnbjorn

Captain Gunnbjorn from the Trollbloods

Belial was also done with a painting tutorial way back in November 2009. Assembling Belial took weeks of tracking down plastic bits on the Internet and throwing them together to the final product. At this point, he is the centerpiece of a huge Deathwing army that really should see more table time.

Painted Belial Conversion Deathwing

Belial Conversion from the Deathwing Army

Bloody Bradigan:
Since Bradigan is not a part of Shae’s Tier list, he doesn’t see as much table time with my Pirates as the model deserves. He is usually found in the model case which is unfortunate considering how well some of the details turned out. The original post was back in March 2010. The upgraded photos should give you a better idea of the tattoos he’s sporting.

Painted Belial Conversion Deathwing

Bloody Bradigan from the Talion Charter Force

Sorylian Swordbreaker:
The Swordbreaker Battleship was the first ship I finished for my Sorylian Fleet, back when I was just starting it in November of 2010. The Battleship performed admirably in it’s first few outings. I’m looking forward to throwing down in the Storm Zone in the new year.

Painted Sorylian Swordbreaker Battleship

Swordbreaker Battleship from the Sorylian Fleet

After having success with Custom Ultra Zorog I decided I’d give Rozgor a fresh coat of paint as well. It looks like this model didn’t ever make it onto the pages of the blog, as I got him finished up for FanExpo 2011. Monsterpocalypse is another game I’m hoping to make some time for in the new year, this guy deserves some table time too!

Custom Painted Monterpocalypse Rozgor

Rozgor of the Planet Eaters