#Monsterpocalypse – URozgor vs. UAnglax

You may know Spazzfist from his amazingly hilarious Anglax series on teamcovenant. When he contacted me about getting a game in during the holidays I couldn’t resist, in what’s become a bit of a holiday tradition we met up at our LGS to smash each other around.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report Rozgor vs Anglax Part 1

Cue The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly theme

Early Game:
I won the roll for first turn and Spazz chose the map Kill Again’s Island. We both setup quite a few buildings, leaving the map looking very full, we were ready to start. The first few turns revolved around me trying to lock down a power base and Spazz getting all up in my grill with his units. Rozgor’s Blue Explosion helped make quick work of some of his units.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report Rozgor vs Anglax Part 2

The Ferris Wheel goes for a spin!

Going for a Spin:
Seeing the wheels spin in Spazz’s head, I knew he was up to something. Anglax put a few fishy fists through the Ferris Wheel sending it reeling through the city and smashing two other buildings in the process. The more Spazz crushed buildings around him the more I was getting worried about my late-game plan. Without enough buildings to smash him through, there wasn’t any way I could keep up with his healing shenanigans.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report Rozgor vs Anglax Part 3

... and there goes the statue of Liberty too!

Flexing my Muscles:
Seeing an opportunity to leverage Beat Back, Rozgor stepped up the pain train and powered up to his Ultra Form, dragging Anglax through a nearby Defense Contractor. Anglax’s units used Leach in retaliation to even out our remaining health.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report Rozgor vs Anglax Part 4

Seems like Anglax is more concerned with crushing humans...

Pedal to the Metal:
Anglax stepped up and Rampaged her way through a trio of structures in the corner, building up some power dice. Doing a back-to-back monster activations Spazz pulled off a full 10 Power Dice attack sending Rozgor reeling across the board and through a pair of buildings, instantly forming him.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report Rozgor vs Anglax Part 5

Mega Smash and Retaliation!

The Doomspire:
Angry, and covered rubble, Rozgor dusted himself off and went for the kill. Pulling back-to-back monster activations, he dragged Anglax through a Comet Shard, clearing out her Alpha form. During the second activation I threw in all the power dice I had left and sent Anglax reeling through both the Oil Company HQ and the Crystalline Building finishing her off.

Monsterpocalypse Battle Report Rozgor vs Anglax Part 6

That one's a little pointy...

Some games of Monpoc are smash-mouth affairs full of Fire, Brimstone, and crushed dreams. Other games are more cagey, with each side looking to optimize their chances of winning while whittling down the opponent’s Monster. This game had aspects of both, starting slow and then ramping up into a crazy beatfest near the end. Spazz if you’re reading this I’m looking forward to our next rematch, especially after that Sushi I had last night.

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