#Warmachine – Merc Plastic Kit / Rocinante Unboxing

The day has finally arrived, it’s Merc Christmas! We’ve been patiently awaiting it’s release since the Cygnar kit came out almost two years ago. Although initial reactions to the sculpt were highly negative, it’s hard to tell a model’s quality until it’s out of the box and in your hands. As such, unboxing video! (Note: Try turning on transcribe audio, the results are hilarious!)

The Bits

The kit came with over 20 bits, 25 when Rocinante’s additions were thrown in. All parts were present, well cast, and high quality. Some flash needed to be removed left over from the casting process, nothing a little work with a hobby knife couldn’t handle. I had two gripes with the kit, the first of which was the lack of a drilled out gun barrel on the Rover’s shield. The second was the weapons. Compared to their pewter counterparts they are a bit of a downgrade, especially the Mule’s Mace.

Warmachine Mercenary Warjack Kit Parts Unboxing

Lots of Parts!

The Rover

I had been holding on to a metal Nomad kit for this very purpose, and although my initial attempts weren’t a success, getting my hands on the plastic kit had my mind racing with ideas. It’s worth mentioning that although there are a plethora of magnetizing tutorials available I elected to keep the kit static due to added stability and not needing to carry around bits. The first test run looked like this:

Mercenary Plastic Warjack Kit Metal Rover Conversion

The Rover on the Nomad Chasis

After assembling Rocinante however, I decided to swap the Rover to the plastic chasis (more on that in a minute). I kept the Nomad head and Rocinante’s arm bit attached to him for some added girth to make up for his small stature. It was pleasantly surprising how well the model went together, as the stock pose wasn’t doing it any favours. The real test will be after I get some paint on him and see how it looks, but for now I’m feeling better about it than I expected.

Mercenary Plastic Warjack Kit Rover

Rover on the Plastic Chasis


I wanted Rocinante to look a bit different than the other warjacks in my force, so I elected to the first test with him on the plastic chasis to help him stand out. Try as I might, the sword didn’t look good in any pose, and the head was far too big for the smaller plastic body. I also found that without the arm being posed -just- right there was no way to attach the chains from the gun to his shoulder. With a bit of liquid green stuff I was able to fill the associated gaps in the gun quite nicely.

Warmachine Mercenary Warjack Kit Parts Unboxing Rocinante Built

Rocinante on the Plastic Chasis

This configuration of Rocinante was much better, the head is proportional to the torso and the gun looks much more natural in his hand. I decided to try using the plastic sword to prevent future maintenance issues I’ve had on my other Nomad, but the 90° angle to the wrist makes it look a little strange in a head-on view. The pose is worthy of a character Jack as well, the last thing I want is big bad Rocinante to blend in with the rest of my force.

Warmachine Mercenary Warjack Metal Rocinante Nomad Conversion

Rocinante on the Metal Chasis

The next steps are to throw some paint on these guys once my super secret project is complete. Which version of each Warjack did you like better and why? Have you posed your own plastic kit? Leave a comment below, I’m eager to see what the community comes up with!

Edit: I’ve been asked for a side by side for comparison purposes. As such:

Warmachine Mercenaries Plastic Metal Warjack Comparison

Rocinante, Rover, Mule

  • Rocinante looks the best. Its the pose. Its dynamic and works. Sadly though, there is nothing other than his armament and head that distinguishes him from the standard merc jack. Maybe you could magnetize on a banner pole or something…dunno…just thinking out loud..well, silently…with my fingers…

  • Grayson

    Looks good!

    I intend to reposition the left shoulder junction to get a mor retracted arm placement for the gun and change right as well to get a little different than standard “I cannot transport this modell”-Nomad pose.
    I will keep the Chains as good as it is possible … if not … same was as you do, but I will use the bits and cut off the chains and built in some ropes 😀

    And after all building Rosy from the klassik Nomad is in my oppinion closer than the new plastic chassis – esspecially as I have already two Nomads – as Rosy is also a Nomad. A character Nomad maybe but a Nomad still 😉

  • Antonio Prohias

    Your Roci on the metal chassi…

    Did you only use a nomad pewter kit and the roci upgrade kit?

    Or will I need to get more?

    • Jme

      The only other thing I added was the plastic sword. The hands on the metal Nomad kit don’t match the ones from the Roci upgrade hit, but I’m sure you could get away with it. You may also be able to borrow some of the parts from a friend or something.

      Here’s the model finished: http://gk-workbench.com/?p=3721