Conversion Central – HiTech Miniatures!

Today is dedicated to highlighting something I came across during my online travels – HiTech Miniatures. They’ve been around since 2010 and some of the minis they produce are just stunning, full kits and bits that can work with a few of the 28mm wargames I’m currently playing.

SciFi Characters

Although I already have carefully constructed Belial conversion, this model is seriously making me rethink getting another one. The site has quite a few amazing characters for your 40k armies, tech priests to dreadnought proxies to just about every Primach you can think of. With only a few exceptions the full range of minis are jaw dropping gorgeous.

HiTech Nethaniel Belial Conversion

So, for the Ravens then?


If 40k isn’t your thing some of the accessory bits may tickle your fancy. How cool would a unit of Steelhead Halberdiers look with a few weapon upgrades, or a units of Highshields with the Roman bits below? While most of these bits are tailor towards games workshop players, there is definitely some potential for cross over here.

HiTech Roman Shields

These + Highshields = Win


Have you figured out the basing scheme for that new army yet? Get some resin bases to really make them pop! While getting custom bases can be a little expensive for larger armies, it’s impossible to deny how amazing it can make your army look on the tabletop. An Infinity force would look right at home on the Industrial Bases and Circle of Orboros infantry would look amazing perched on the Antiochia Ruins pictured below.

HiTech 25mm Antiochina Ruins

For that circle force you've been planning?

NOTE: European gamers are probably better at ordering these directly. North American Gamers are in luck too, TheWarStore just added them to their inventory! (Canadians: See MeepleMart) If you pick something up please leave a comment and let me know, I’d like to see some pics of them out of the box.