Introducing the GK Partner Project!

I’m ecstatic, the custom GK Dice have arrived and the next stage of the plan can be put into action. Plan you ask? Why of course! You didn’t think I was going to keep all of these for myself, did you? I’ve devised a system to showcase the community talent and hand out custom dice in the process. I’d like to introduce you to the GK Partner Project.

First and foremost, I want to throw out a big thank you to Chessex, they’ve been amazing. There were some shipping issues that were sorted quickly and professionally and their representatives were great through the whole process. Highly recommended!

The GK Partner Project:

It comes down to guest content. I wanted to have a way to provide a shared venue for some of the amazing people I’ve met through Wargaming to get their stuff online. The dice are a great way to send out a thank you for taking the time to get involved. After all, we’re all in this mess (hobby?) together!

GK Workbench Dice

What do we have here...?

The Rules:

The rules are pretty simple. Try to have each post contain 2+ images and 500+ words of content. Be respectful with your writing (asshattery will not be tolerated), and try to choose from one of the games showcased on the site. (WM/H, Infinity, WH40K, FS:A, or Monpoc). If you’d like to do a review of a different system that’s alright too! For each post put online you’ll get a die!

The Categories:

There are a few main categories that your posts should fall into. Content could fit into one or more or in some cases, none. Again, suggestions are welcome! I want you to get creative!

Note: If you have your own regularly schedule blog it is encouraged to link back to your own content and spread the love!

The Submission Process:

If you have an idea please send it along to If I like the idea we can discuss the particulars and flesh things out, followed by the details on how to write the post and submit it. After the editing process it’ll go into the regular Tuesday/Thursday schedule. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Kevin

    Got my dice, they are very sweet. Using them mostly for location dice.