#Warmachine – The Ultimate Guard Dog: Rocinante!

It’s taken awhile but yes, I’ve finally put some paint on that Rocinante I put together back in January. I’ve used him in a few games so far and the Warjack never fails cause havoc right by Damiano’s side. I’ve been waiting for Mercenaries to get a character jack for ages so I’m quite happy I’ve finally painted him up.

Warmachine Mercenaries Damiano Rocinante Conversion Painted

The Dynamic Duo!

Converting this model wasn’t too difficult, the head swap was straightforward and I decided to use the plastic sword to ensure that his hands matched while increasing durability. I filled in the gaps where the chain hits the gun with my first foray into using liquid greenstuff. The first two passes didn’t exactly dry completely smooth so I decided to leave is as groove painted with the same glow as the gun barrel.

Warmachine Mercenaries Rocinante Painted 360

How's' that for a guard dog?

On the tabletop I’ve been very impressed with how Rocinante fits right in to Damiano’s playstyle. Since Damiano doesn’t have the focus to run a bunch of Warjacks, Rocinante works perfectly as a big nasty bodyguard sitting right by his side. Having a 14″ range on his cannon means I can sit way in the backfield while throwing powerful shots at important targets. The large base makes a great Surefoot model to keep Damiano at an impressive DEF19 against melee assassination attempts.