#Warmachine – ALERT: Circle Army Stolen!

Bad news everyone! Earlier this week fellow blogger and wargamer glamage had his Circle Orboros army stolen from his apartment. In the name of spreading the message far and wide I’m going to throw up a post in the hopes of actually finding it again. Losing an army that one has put so much time, effort, and love into really sucks, so please share this far and wide in the name of reuniting the minis with their owner!

Hi there,

This is an appeal to the UK Warmachine community to keep their eyes open for this Circle Orboros army which I had stolen from my house in Hull, East Yorkshire during a burglary on monday night (7th May 2012). It was taken along with a laptop, wallets and my car.

It is most likely that the burglars will throw the models away as it is likely they didn’t know what was in the case but if they should surface in any of the second hand model shops across the company or someone sees this who has bought them second hand in the future – Id be so grateful if you could contact me via PM or via my contact details on my blog (link below). Id love the chance to recover or buy this army back as I have sunk 100s of hours into painting it and it has been my passion for the last year since I got into WM/H.

The details of what are stolen are below along with some pictures of some of the models.

More pictures and contact details are on my blog: http://splatter-mania.blogspot.com

glamage stolen circle army

Help find this Army!

  • Thank you so much for picking up this message and spreading it.

    Ive had a huge disappointment in having this stolen but I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the kindness, concern and generosity of the wargaming community in my hour of need. Very proud to belong to this community!