#Warmachine – Alexia Ciannor

With all of this Lock and Load coverage and the horrible sickness that had me at homebound last weekend, I finally got myself putting some paint on one of my favourite inhabitants of Immoren, Alexia Ciannor. I’ve always loved her style, between the horde of shambling dead and the blade that thirsts for mage blood how can you go wrong? Since she’s been working out so well with Damiano I figured it was time I threw some paint love her way.

There were a few things I feel turned out really well with her. Leaning on some experiences with my Infinity’s Red->Orange highlights I was much more comfortable painting the large flowing red cape, even though after taking the photos it’s apparent I could have brought the highlights up one more level for an extra bit of pop. While I painted the skulls on the base as kind of an afterthought I’m happy how they turned out, especially after seeing what a difference a base can make from Ghool’s Eiryss.

Warmachine Alexia Ciannor and the Risen Painted

Alexia Ciannor - Front

It really irks me that I’ve left some chips on the model already from handling it so much in the painting process. Recently I’ve taken some Internet advice to heart, I’m making it a habit to leave my models overnight before sealing them. Looking at your work with fresh eyes in the morning will clear all the foggy brain so common after marathon painting sessions and give room for touch ups and improvements. I’m happy to say that other than the minor chipping she’s already experiencing I was satisfied with how she looked the next day. After a bit of touching up she’ll be finished!

Warmachine Alexia Ciannor Painted

Alexia Ciannor - Side