#Warmachine – Amazing Base Showcase

Ever since I saw the Eiryss that won the Lock N’ Load Grandmaster I’ve been considering ways to really step up my basing game. A thread popped up on the Privateer Press forums recently and it’s full of some great inspiration. Here’s a few highlights:

Ice Mercs and Fire Trolls by Zreef:

I think the Ice Gorten is a fantastic swing on the stubborn Rhulfolk. Both his base and the Rock (Ice) Wall match perfectly, I’m really impressed with how they turned out. If you’d like to try this yourself there’s a step by step that you can follow here.

Warmachine Mercenaries Rhulic Ice Gorten by Zreef

Icy and Awesome!

Zreef’s other amazing creation is the Lava Kriels. All of their bases conform to a lava style with the mini’s paintjobs reflective of their magma-ish climate. I really enjoy what he’s done with the base for the War Wagon, with it’s boat-ish layout you know it was just screaming for this conversion… I just wasn’t expecting it in Lava.

Trollbloods War Wagon Lava by Zreef

Ahoy! It’s quite warm up here!

‘Cover-Art’ Beast-09 by ForestZ

This Beast-09 was inspired by the cover art on the back of Forces of Warmachine: Khador. I love when pieces take inspiration form artwork and Beast turned out fantastic. (It also doesn’t hurt that ForestZ is a world class painter!). The spikes, chains, and snow really work together well.

Warmachine Khador Beast-09 Cover Art Base by ForestZ

Beast-09 Smash!

Trollblood Fennblade by Jonny4square

This base, while epic, is a bit too crazy for my liking. I have two pet peeves when it comes to modeling and painting, the first of which being bases that are overdone like this, the second is enemy models being crushed, maimed, or otherwise killed. I will however, begrudgingly admit what an amazing job Jonny4square did with his execution. The painting is top tier (Look at that Troll’s skin!) and the pipe, tile, and grass really set the scene.

Hordes Trollblood Fennblade by Jonny4Square

“I can see my house from here!”

Temple MacBain by daveholliday

When I saw daveholliday’s ruined temple bases I was really impressed (and not just because of how I feel about MacBain either). I really this style as you can have a few important models really stand out in your army. Mixing a bit of dirt in with the tile ties in your regularly based grunts to the rest of your force. I would love to see a whole menoth force based in this scheme, it’s really solid.

Warmachine Mercenaries Ruined Temple MacBain by DaveHolliday

Ruined Temple MacBain!

Cygnar Storm Strider and Ol’ Rowdy by Ghool

This is the second time Ghool’s name has come up in the past few weeks, the last time being his awesome showing at Lock and Load. Just a good ol’ Canadian guy kicking ass and taking names in painting competitions. These two are no exceptions, the first being an Ol’ Rowdy standing on a base worthy of the title “Quake Hammer”.

Warmachine Cygnar Ol' Rowdy by Ghool

Looks like an Earthquake to me…

Seeing the base on Ghool’s Storm Strider had me thinking of the Heavy Weapons Guy shouting “FLEE, COWARDS!” Normally my second basing pet peeve is having enemy minis on a base, but for this one I will definitely make an exception. There is a detailed tutorial on how this was put together over at Hand Cannon Online.

Warmachine Cygnar Storm Strider by Ghool

Flee, Cowards!

Menoth Vessel of Judgement by PG_Menelker’s

Remember this? Yeah, kind of hard to forget. This creation has endured as probably the best Warmachine model I’ve seen assembled to date. Greenstuff, a custom mould, a clear resin cast, and LEDs make for a killer combination. I haven’t been able to find a picture of this bad boy completely painted yet, anyone else have one handy? The title of “Most Badass” really holds up.

Custom Menoth Vessel of Judgement Battle Engine LED Finished

Now with the fire of the Creator!