#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zorog Tournament Report: X Planet 08/07/2012

Once every 6 months or so I have the pleasure of attending a Monsterpocalypse event hosted by our local Moncon Champion Wapcaplets. This particular event was run at X Planet Games and had all the usual local Monpoc rabble. I hadn’t had a chance to try out Quantum Zorog in a competitive environment and all the players okayed his use, so game on!

Game 1 – Spazzfist runnning Ultra Gakura

Since there were only 3 of us we decided to roll highs and lows to see who we’d be paired up with. My first round opponent was Spazzfist, one of our locals and a prolific Team Covenant contributor so I knew I had to be careful. One bad move and it could mean the game for me! Spazz broke out his favourite ape in training (heh) Gakura, won the roll for map, and off we went.

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Gakura Spazz 1

A fresh city ripe for Destruction!

The map Wrecking Ball tends to be packed with buildings in the center which is great for my monster with beatback, but terrible if I can’t actually take a swing. By wrecking an apartment building early and screening myself hoping for a light retaliation, I accidentally gave him the perfect opportunity to jump right into a safe position in danger territory. With all of my A-Die in my monster pool and no option for shooting, this was quite the predicament!

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Gakura Spazz 2

Zorog and Gakura stare each other down…

I decided to climb over some of the nearby buildings and smash down one of the Cathedrals for good measure. I was careful to move far enough away that Gakura couldn’t get aligned for any nasty power attacks thanks to my units screening the positions he could reach. Neither of us wanted to engage in a fight that would result in a 4-5 damage retaliation so again, we waited.

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Gakura Spazz 3

… and again

Finally, the monkey makes his move! Getting back to my initial position where I thought I was relatively safe, Gakura tried to pull a double demolish on my Imperial State and Comet Shard for two damage. After making his initial roll against the Imperial state building Spazz realized he had messed up and not stepped when he should have, opening him up for the pain train!

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Gakura Spazz 4

… and again …

Throwing big power attacks back and forth while my power pool based was completely smashed was not a position I wanted to be in. We traded blows back and forth and I was losing health fast. My units were able to put a few points of damage onto him while I got thrown around my own half of the board and eventually was left with 2 health to his 5.

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Gakura Spazz 5

Gakura makes his move!

With his monster pool empty and too far from his own board edge for unit support I knew what I needed to do. Dealing 1 damage in my unit turn and bringing him to 4, his units tried to retaliate and missed. Zorog moved adjacent and smacked Gakura with a beat back attack, sending him reeling through a Comet Shard and Fire Hazard, dealing the last 4 damage for the win.

Record: 1-0-0

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Gakura Spazz 6

Zorog’s had enough training, thank you very much!

Game 2 – Wapcaplets runnning Ultra Anglax

Chris decided to be sneaky and broke out Ultra Anglax for our second game. Jam and his monumental healing abilities meant he had a good monster to give me grief. Fortunately though, I won map so we ended up throwing down on Zorog’s home territory. The first few turns of this game saw Chris’s units harassing on my side of the board. Things were going pretty even with us both generating P-Die until Anglax whiffed a 95%+ roll on the Imperial State Building. I was able to capitalize and get a good monster damage turn early and Chris was unable to catch up.

Record: 2-0-0

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Ultra Anglax Wapcaplets

Anglax, enamored with the architecture, completely forgets about Zorog.

Game 3 – DarkKoala runnning Ultra Xaxor

Finally! Some Planet Eater on Planet Eater action. Xaxor can really ramp up P-Dice quickly via his super stomp and lay down the ranged pain with his Weapon Master ranged attack. This could have left me suffering through a ranged game while he pounded me from safely behind a screen, except Brian only making two successful rolls all game. I pounded through his force losing only a single point of damage in the process, and only because I missed a 60% roll at the last second. Brian, I’m sorry your rolling went so bad this game and I do appreciate you being a good sport while getting smashed around the city.

Record: 3-0-0

Monsterpocalypse Tournament Quantum Zorog Ultra Xaxor DarkKoala

So that’s where all the comet shards have been lying around!


Whoo yeah! My first Monpoc victory ever! I ended up taking home the Mega Ulgoth for my troubles. Although I did trade off my Chtul quite awhile ago it does provide me with a unique opportunity, do I sent him to @sjmheron or @MissGottli? Both are budding Chtul players, even if I am uneasy about them playing such a dastardly faction.

Oh no… not another one!

A big thanks again to Wapcaplets for running and Team Covenant for the prize support! All parties involved are both gentlemen and scholars.

  • The whiff on my ISB brawl was only on an ~80% chance. I only put a sIngle A-Die into the attack which, in retrospect, was a big mistake.

  • Katherine Gottli

    Send it to me! I only have the Alpha and Ultra forms of Ulgoth.

    • Come on out to our next event and maybe James will put it on the line! As great as Megas are to have, though, Ulgoth’s Ultra is better than his Mega.

  • Spazzfist

    That game was some kind of crazy chess match! Lots of posturing and positioning, until finally I saw my move (which I, of course, screwed up!)