#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Job: Xaxor

After finishing custom Gorghadra (and subsequently getting stomped by my @v_mak, I may add) I decided to finish up the last Planet Eaters Ultra form: Xaxor. This monster comes highly recommended as one of the Destroyer’s finest. Although I don’t think I’ll be playing him too much in the near future, I’m happy to be done my last repaint of the big guys.

Monsterpocalypse Planet Eaters Painted Custom Xaxor: Right

Custom Xaxor: Right

The first thing I noticed was that this guy is covered with much more bone than his larger, more stompy, counterpart. I did the bone in three steps but I feel it didn’t come out as bright as with Gorghadra. There was the -slightest- amount of Snakebite Leather that snuck into my mix of bleached bone, I didn’t realize how obvious it was until the pictures were taken.

Monsterpocalypse Planet Eaters Painted Custom Xaxor: Left

Custom Xaxor: Left

Xaxor also provided a fun challenge in the amount of “blue glow” I was able to paint. As he likes to shoot big beams of galactic energy around I figured it was a good choice to try the technique on his … claws? (I guess that’s what they are…) The bulbs on his head and the undercarriage of his exoskeleton got the same treatment.

Monsterpocalypse Planet Eaters Painted Custom Xaxor: Back

Custom Xaxor: Back

I’m finding trouble getting games of Monpoc in these days, and although vassal is always an option I prefer to play in person. My current priority is getting more games with Gorghadra in and testing some of the great advice given to me by the folks over at teamcovenant. I’m hoping to do a battle report soon, so stay tuned!